Thursday, June 17, 2010

And We're Having Fun, With No Money

The ditch lilies in my backyard are blooming now!

Well, kids. It's been a long night. We had a little electrical problem where we lost juice to about three rooms in my house for at least an hour. With the help of a friend, and getting Stinky to admit to trying to plug in a fan to a particular outlet, I figured it out and fixed the problem. Finally, it was a problem that isn't going to cost a bunch of money to fix. Of course, it means that it's much later than it should be and this will be a short post.

I finally finished my addictive book and I'm going to start reading Frankenstein now. I've heard good things about it.

So, another weekend...I only get the regular 2 days this week. A friend of mine is coming into town tomorrow night. I'm not sure what all we'll do. If the weather holds, we'll try to canoe on Saturday late morning, but I have to be back and ready to hold Coadster's hand when she gets her first tattoo at 3.

Okay. I'm exhausted and I need to get some shut-eye. Nite nite and have a great weekend. How are you all spending it?


rel said...

Oldest and youngest kids are coming home with their families. We will probably spend the weekend at the cottage on the river.

SkylersDad said...

The original Frankenstein is a wonderful book, you will enjoy it.

laura b. said...

The fan and the forbidden outlet, eh? I know those two :-)
I hope your weather holds there and you get to go canoeing. Have a great weekend, Churlita!

crazy4coens said...

Those are pretty flowers!

I hope you sleep well!

Johnny Rojo said...

I read the original book as a kid, unaware of it's protofeminist submessage.

Have you ever seen the movie "Gothic?" It's set in the evening Mary Shelley came up with the story.

My weekend will be filled with work-- picked up an extra shift-- but will have some time with my son on Father's Day.

booda baby said...

Get OUT!! What kind of tat's Coadster getting? Not in one million years would I or could I do it to/for myself, but oh - good ink is breathtaking to behold!

Tara said...

I hope you got some solid, refreshing shut-eye!

I'll be finishing up my vacation this weekend with a Father's Day barbecue for my brother and his family. Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, beans and s'mores!