Tuesday, June 08, 2010

But My Head's to the Wall and I'm Lonely

Here is some pretty for you.

Weird day today. We had a work meeting to give me my 10 year in the office anniversary certificate. I didn't realize I'd worked there for the last decade. Doesn't it sound longer when you use the word decade? I've worked for the University for almost 13 years altogether. Weird. When I was younger, I'd be lucky if I lived someplace longer than 6 months. Now I own a house, have kids graduating from high school, and have worked for the same institution for 13 years. Hell, I almost look good on paper now. I never thought that would be possible.

In the interest of taking it back to my white trashedness...I tried to give plasma today, but I didn't have enough protein in my blood. I'm not eating any differently, but I'm running and riding my bike a lot more, so it could be I'm just depleting it more. I had to take another blood test today, and then I'll find out in a week or two whether it's better.

This was the second night in a row that my girls were gone. Coadster got a role in a production of Godspell, and has rehearsal pretty much every night. Stinky went to a friend's birthday party. It's nice to have a night to myself now and then, but I can see really missing them in the next couple of years.

Since I'm being all random anyway, I thought I'd tell you about the book I'm reading. It's called, When Will There be Good News, by Kate Atkinson. So far, it seems really well written and the story, though horrifying right from the git, is also fascinating. "On the other side of the wall they could hear the horrible animal noises that meant their parents were friends again. " Was just one of the lines that cracked me up. It just could be the perfect Summer read. I can't wait to get a couple of hours on my back porch with it this weekend.


Tara said...

I'm falling behind on the book I'm supposed to read for next week's discussion. I'm having such a hard time getting into it.

That's exciting about Coadster getting a role in "Godspell"! I love the songs.

SkylersDad said...

Godspell is one of my favorites!

laura b. said...

You are quite the upstanding citizen! :-)

I haven't read that book, but we have it here at the library. Looks good. I will put it on my ever growing list.

Now...eat some chicken! Or lentils or something...

rel said...

Friendly animal noises....Hmmmmm.

booda baby said...

Isn't it a strange, strange discovery - that you've rooted yourself? And that it's not bad at all? Sometimes, I think 'well, THIS won't do' but ... it will. And does.