Thursday, June 10, 2010

Load It, Check It, Quick - Rewrite It

Here is a darker photo of my tomatoes, basil and thyme garden, with the obligatory marigolds planted around it all to keep out pests. (they don't like the smell of them)

So, tonight I am looking down the barrel of a 4 day weekend. I'm so happy. Stinky is spending tonight and tomorrow night at someone's house babysitting their kids while they're out of town. She won't be back until Saturday at noon. It's kind of weird.

I have a few plans, but I'm also trying to give myself some time to rest and relax and just enjoy being in my house and in my yard. Tomorrow, I think I'll run early and then take care of a few errands. In the afternoon I have a date with friends to play frisbee/disc golf. Believe it or not, I've never played before. I'm still on my kick to try and do as many things I've never done before that I can. I'm excited to see if I like it. Friday night will be pretty mellow for me, since I'm going to do a 10K on Saturday morning. I've never raced one of those before either. Maybe I should plan to do something for the first time every day on my extended weekend.

My neighbor introducing herself and her pet skunk to me. Really. Le mew, le mew.

Depending on the weather, I might go canoeing with some friends on Saturday afternoon. If it's all rainy, I think I'll allow myself the luxury of finally sitting on my back porch and reading to the soundtrack of a Summer storm. Saturday night I'm attending a friend's bachelor party at the Dublin.

Sunday is up for grabs. I'll work on the house and ride bikes and run and that's all I have planned. Coadster said she wouldn't mind having stuffed turkey for dinner again. It's kind of nice to have all those leftovers for sandwiches for the rest of the week too.

I have no idea what I'll do on Monday. I think I'll work really hard on cleaning the hell out of my place. I want to make sure I get some rest time and play time on my mini vacation, but I still want to get my place all cleaned up and purty for the rest of the week.

How about you all? Will you be extending your weekend or will you be containing it two days?


jeci said...

Pet skunk! I've always wanted a pet skunk or raccoon--they're so cute! Is the skunk friendly?

I will also be doing housework on the weekend since we both had the stomach flu all week and didn't get to do any of our chores and now the place is a MESS. Such a bummer to eat up the weekend on housework, but what can you do, right?

rel said...

Two days for me. Glad you got 4 though; you've too much to keep you busy! ;)
I'm informed that more sorting and tossing is on the agenda and perhaps I can get the kayak in the river at some point.

Tara said...

Today I get to leave work at 9:30am! I love it! Then tomorrow I come back to work to help set up and participate in a sort of festival for our campus. It's supposed to storm, though, so one of our friends was joking about doing the raindance in reverse to stop the rain.

.j.william. said...

I've never played frisbee golf, either, and there's a course near my apt. So the other day on a run I thought "hey, I should try that" and then I thought "no more new hobbies!"

good luck! may you beat the person(s) you're going with ;)

SkylersDad said...

I am jealous of your 4 days! I need so much more free time to whip this place into shape.

laura b. said...

Frolf and a 10k! Sounds amazing. I am now on Day 2 of my 4 day weekend and feeling oh, so mellow.

Is that skunk de-scented? Or do you just take chances when you opt for a pet skunk?

booda baby said...

How was the run?! This is great, to know you've been there and done that and now I get to hear the results.

It's also soooo sweet, the idea of just doing things you haven't done, just to do them. Frisbee golf is great fun for me, as long as I don't keep any kind of score or worry whether I hit what I'm supposed to. It really all works out.

dmarks said...

Are you sure that wasn't a new type of mugging?

"Alright, hand over your money. If you don't, you will get me upset. And when I get upset, the skunk gets upset... And when the skunk gets upset..."