Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Comprende, It's a Riddle

I'm not really sure how this pic of me in my OP shirt from my first college ID survived 5,000 moves, but it did...Kind of.

So, today I reserved our motel room in Ames for Coadster's orientation at the end of the month. I've tried really hard to make my girls' lives that much better than mine was growing up. Since high school was so horrible for me, that's been pretty easy to do. I hope that we can go to Coadster's orientation and support her while she makes some of her first adult decisions. I just want her to know that whatever she chooses to do, Stinky and I will love her and support her in any way we can.

I tired to remember my own freshman orientation, but it's all pretty blurry to me now. Of course, my aunt and uncle couldn't be bothered to take me and my sister so nicely took it upon herself to arrange it so I could actually attend. She had a friend who was home from college for the Summer, but had a boyfriend still up in Cedar Falls, and my sister got her to take me up with her when she went to visit him. As I recall, I was the only student there without other family members.

I don't remember meeting with an advisor and signing up for classes, but I do remember taking a CLEP test that seemed really easy and kicking myself for not taking more and getting out of other classes too. My strongest memory, though, is of the night I spent there. My sister's friend's boyfriend lived in a little studio apartment. So, I slept on the floor, pretending to be asleep and feeling very, very uncomfortable while my sister's friend and her boyfriend dry hum*ped each other on the couch about 5 feet away from me.


Mnmom said...

My first two years were at UNI and I was at orientation without family too. My parents were kind of weird about stuff like this - great folks but couldn't be bothered to take me. I still scratch my head over it. I went with a friend and HER mom. Very awkward.

Then I transferred to IOWA. Now I'm taking my kids on actual visits, etc. Something I wish my parents had encouraged.

Still scratching my head.

Poptart said...

yuck! dry hump story!

i remember being in a temporary end of the hall dorm room with 1,000 other girls at iowa because I started in January. then I had a crazy annoying lincoln park roommate and then I moved out and into an apartment, but kept my lunch meal plan. (best idea ever.)

Hey, btw: what does the coadster need?

rel said...

Starting Uni is a big deal and having stalwart support is important to ease lurking mental anxiety. Not necessary but nice.
I was an adult when I stareted, but I went to all my kids orientation.
Now she begins to fly; how too exciting!

.j.william. said...

O.P. shirts! a forgotten memory. Thanks for that :)

laura b. said...

There is every possibility that I am wearing an OP shirt in my college ID photo as well.

You are a great mom, even if the "better than" bar is set kinda low ;-)

SkylersDad said...

I agree with Laura, you are simply a wonderful mom. It comes through in your stories, and in all of your posts.

Johnny Rojo said...

That's great that you see that you can make things easier for your kids than you had it. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people opine that they did it on their own and their kids can too.

I was the first person in my family to go to college. I really felt adrift in the whole process of finding a college and beginning. I'm glad that my kids won't have to deal with that.

Johnny Rojo said...

Oh, and I came across my high school id a couple of months ago-- I was shocked that it somehow survived, buried in the bottom of a box of old letters and mementos. I should post it for a chuckle.

Tara said...

During my freshman orientation for college, I was supposed to meet up with all of the other freshmen, sit in a circle on the lawn and introduce ourselves one at a time. I didn't join the rest, I was too intimidated. I kind of wish I had joined the circle now, but at the same time it just seems like a cheesy way to meet people. I did manage to meet some friends at my own pace, though.

booda baby said...

Good for you to do the solid, supportive thing! I don't know how it couldn't be a little nervous making for ANYone. Yah, we all survive, but what a much better experience to have your family right there.