Monday, February 22, 2010

One Minute I Held the Key, Next the Walls Were Closed On Me

Here is a railroad bridge in Davenport, Ia.

Sooooo, I know I have this running theme on my blog. No, not the theme of running this time. But the theme of the problems I have with balance in my life. Like I've said, most of my favorite activities are fairly solitary ones - reading, writing, running, and riding my bike are generally things I like to do alone. Of course, as I also always say, if I spend too much time by myself, it can make me a little weird(er). The last few years, I've tried really hard to make myself go out and socialize. This last week, I oversocialized and spending too much time around people can mess with me way worse than not spending enough time with people. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that the goal this week is to slow it down and spend as much time as I can at home, working on my kitchen and reading books. Now that's a goal I can easily reach.

Okay. I have one more thing. Yesterday afternoon, my girls and I were in the parking lot of our local Hy-Vee grocery store. We were unloading our cart into our car when a guy parked directly behind us and said something that was a little hard to understand. Coadster was standing closest to his car and said, "Excuse me?"

"Ya'll are sexy. Are ya'll getting ready to pull out?" He repeated.

"Um. There are a bunch of other spaces around us and now there's a car behind you..." Coadster responded.

"He's being a creeper. Don't talk to him," I said to Coadster, quietly so he couldn't hear. And to prove my point the guy repeated,

"Seriously. All y'all are seeeeexxxxxyyyy."

We got in our car and quickly realized the guy wasn't going to move. He thought he could keep us from pulling out, by blocking our car. Thank god there wasn't a car in front of us, so I just pulled through and took off as quickly as I could, in the snow away from him. How weird and scary was that though? And who the hell trolls the grocery store parking lot looking for mother/daughter victims? Jaysus!


.j.william. said...

do you remember the hot rod in Grease that had the flames shooting out the tail pipes? I was imagining you with that car in this story.

SkylersDad said...

Pretty creepy all right, the guy sounds like a tool. I hope you carry something like mace or pepper spray.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That was weird and creepy.. he obviously thought it okay to say that.. I'm surprised you didn't burn rubber getting out of there..

Tara said...

What a nasty weirdo! I felt so relieved for you when you were able to pull ahead and drive far away from him.

Pamela said...

Glad you were there with her, so she can learn what creepy is and how to escape.

laura b. said...

A perfect example of the kind of humanity to avoid. Geez. Hope the rest of your week is more relaxing and less skin crawly.

Ananda girl said...

You did that perfectly! What a jerk! But if nothing else, it was a good lesson for the girls to see how best to handle it. Glad you were not trapped.

Churlita said...

JWilliam, I wish. I would have smoked his ass and then changed my name to Cha Cha Di Gregorio.

Skyler's, I don't, but I had my cell phone on me. So, we could have locked the car doors and called the cops if we couldn't pulled up and driven off.

Mrs, It could be a while before the ground is cleared of snow to be able to burn rubber.

Tara, Us too. My girls cheered me.

Pamela, Sadly, I think most girls learn what creepy is in junior high, but learning how to escape creepy is a VERY important lesson.

LauraB., Thank you. I'm with you on both hopes.

Ananda, I'm so glad my girls have cell phones. They're not a fail safe, but they're better than nothing.

Junkgirl said...

As a former Hy-Vee Smiler (deli-worker, 2 years in high school), I can tell you that place not only has a smile in every aisle, but a nutjob. I'm so sorry you guys had to deal with that when you're just trying to get groceries. And, although no picture of said creeper, I can tell by the accent you perfectly conveyed that he wasn't Brad Pitt. And, this reminds me of a time when I was seriously asked in an Albertson's parking lot if I was related to Snow White. I guess even crazies have to shop!