Monday, February 08, 2010

It's Hard Out Here for a Dumb-Ass

This is what one of the plasma people did to my arm. This was taken over a week later and I normally don't bruise very easily. Yowza!

So, this how sad it is to be me: Today I've been obsessing over home improvement websites, as usual. I found some really great instructions on the best way to paint my cupboards. I also saw a glass tile back splash installation how-to article and it seemed pretty inexpensive and simple. (I'm sure I might sing a different song when I actually try to do it myself) Anyway, by the time I got off work, I was all different kinds of excited to get going on my kitchen. On my lunch break, I had made a list of the few things I still needed to get to finish my cupboards. The main thing being non-shrinking wood putty. Hmmmm.

So, Stinky and I braved the slippery, snowy roads and made it to Menards. We found some really pretty alternating light and cobalt blue sheets of glass tile that will look amazing in my kitchen (if I don't fuck it up) and got some more sand paper and sand sponges and other stuff. Then we headed home. At some point, my car hit a patch of ice and we spun-out a little. For someone who's first instinct is always to spaz, I remained pretty calm. Luckily, there was no one behind us. Stinky's face went white and I righted the car and drove on, albeit much more slowly than before. Once I got home and made dinner, I suddenly realized I forgot the putty. So, I braved the elements for nothing. Derrrrr.

And now for something completely different....Coadster made it into the chorus of the school musical. They're doing The Wizard of Oz this year. She's never auditioned before because she normally does two sports in the Spring (soccer and track) and has never had time. Since her soccer coach left, and she's training to run a half-marathon on her own and it's her last year in high school, she figured it might be fun to do something different. So, she auditioned and got cast. Yea Coadster!


laura b. said...

Your home improvement stuff sounds fun and scary! I am sooo unhandy. When I try to fix something, I usually do, but in the process I make something else go wrong...usually something worse!

Hey, congratulations to Coadster! Good for her for mixing it up and what a fun show to get to perform in.

rel said...

Good for Coadster,
Although I lived sports in HS, I'm just as happy to have participated in chorus and theater.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

So when you are all done there,you can come here and give me pointers? ha ha .. Happy to hear about Coadster.. That is awesome..

Tara said...

Omg! Congrats to Coadster, that's so exciting!

Ack, I'm sorry that after spinning out on the road and such that you forgot one of the things on your shopping list. I hate that. But I could also totally relate to being excited about starting a project and making a shopping list for it!

SkylersDad said...

Congrats to Coadster! I waited until my senior year to try an acting role in a school play, and I had so much fun I realized I missed out.

.j.william. said...

I think I never got into home improvement because of the incessant trips to the hardware store. Some people love the hell out of that place, whereas I wonder why it takes a half hour to find an O-ring.

Good luck! The kitchen backsplash is sounding fab.

NoRegrets said...

Do you have Habitat ReStores there? Last time I was at one they had some AMAZING tile like you described. Of course it's hit or miss and likely noone else in Iowa has such great taste as you... but still

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You are brave with your tiling - I wish I had the balls to try it - we have so much that needs re-doing.

I think that too-late moment when you realize that you've forgotten something you needed from the store is right up in my top five irritations. It's especially bad when you've braved life and limb to go to the store in the first place.

Ananda girl said...

I admire the way you make up your mind and go get on things. I enjoy your home improvements.

Congratulations to Coadster! Your girls are so talented.

Churlita said...

LauraB., I'm like that too, but the more I do, the better I get at it. I just hope I keep going on that string.

Rel, It's definitely important to have a balance.

Mrs., If I were you, I'd get a professional for those pointers. I'd probably just steer you wrong. ha ha.

Tara, It's a totally dumb, me thing to do. One of these days I'll learn my lesson.

Skyler's, You can still act in community theater if you really like it...

JWilliam, I'm one of those people who love the hell out of it. There's always such cool stuff to check out there.

Nor, A friend of mine told me about one once, but I've never been. I should check it out this weekend.

Lady, I think the only reason I'll try it, is because there's such a small area I'm going to try to backsplash. If I mess it up, hopefully it won't be too costly.

Ananda, Thanks and thanks. I think it's more like I obsess on a thing so much that I have to go get it or do it. I doubt it's all that healthy, though. Sigh.