Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pick-Up the Pieces

Here is Coadster's choir.

Well, it's been a busy week so far. No doubt, this post will be a bit random...I'm sure that will surprise exactly none of you, coming from me.

Tonight Coadster had a choir concert. I didn't get my nice alone time, but that's just fine. Stinky didn't go to her youth group, because most of the kids in it are also in choir. She came with me to the show and we both made a huge point to make faces at Coadster whenever she entered the auditorium. It was awesome.

I finished The Road last night and started reading Ethan Canin's America America. I've only read a short story of his, but he's a local author and Coadster used to love a movie called The Emperor's Club, based on one of his short stories when she was younger. So far, it has a bit of Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy feel to it and I remember really liking that book when I read it in high school. As always, I'll let you know what I think about it once I finish it.

Before her concert, I finally worked up the guts to cut into the gross, stained carpet in Coadster's room to see what was under it. Thankfully, I found hardwood floors. So, now I can add another project to the list, and tear it all the way up and get the floors underneath it cleaned. When my brother ripped up the carpet in his living room, he found a spot in the middle of the hardwood floors, where someone had replaced it with plywood. Obviously, I'm hoping I don't find any unwanted surprises like that in this bedroom.

Okay, I'm beat and so I'm going to hit the hay. Tomorrow, I'll only work until one o'clock, so I can get Stinky a physical. I went to get my doctor to sign off on a physical for Stinky to be in track, and was informed that she hadn't had one since August 2008. I could have sworn she had one last February when Coadster had hers. Oops! I guess it's just another reason for me to start expecting that mom of the year award any day now.


rel said...

House redos can be challengeing but in the end very rewarding. Sorta like reading James Joyce. Well maybe not that challenging.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I love home renos.. well not love them...but I at least like hearing about others redo'

Hope the physical goes well!

Brando said...

We saw The Emperor's Club when TLB was still at the Workshop, in a theater full of Workshop kids, and there was a good laugh when Ethan Canin was on screen for a few moments.

Good luck with the hardwood floors. They'll look so much better than carpet when you're finished.

SkylersDad said...

You are a home project machine! Do you hire out? I have so much to do and not enough time...

NoRegrets said...

thing is, you can replace some boards with similar aged wood and it looks ok. had to do that with my place.

Tara said...

We're discouraged to wave at our friends and family when our choir is on stage, but I have broken the rules in the past. I'm fearless.

Anyway, good luck with the floors! I hope you don't find any bad surprises.

Ananda girl said...

You are such a nice close family. I like the way you tease each other.

Wood floors are wonderful. I hope this one turns out perfect.

Poptart said...

Part of me wants you to become one of those blog magnates that has a whole blog dedicated to detailed pictorials on all of your renovation work, but I like the variety here. Sounds like fun projects, even if it's all a lot of work.

Love the choir faces. When it's just you making faces at Stinky's things (after Coady goes off to school), you'll look like the crazy lady in the crowds and I know you love that...

booda baby said...

You'll get that award, jazz hands down - you just have to apply to the right committee. I think we're your people. I will give you across the boards 10s for doing shit I personally think is impossible.

Churlita said...

Rel, Don't I know. Thank god the results are so dramatic or wouldn't be able to muster the energy for them.

Mrs, It went just fine. Stinky is completely healthy...Thank god.

Brando, I've only seen Ethan Canin before at a couple of readings. He introduced Lorrie Moore and I think he introduced Michael Cunningham too.

Skyler's, I'm right there with you on both things. I wish I could hire out someone to help me with mine.

Nor, Good to know. I hope I don't need to though.


We didn't bug her when she was on stage. Just when she walked passed us to get on or off stage.

Ananda, Thanks. I hope all my projects turn out perfectly. Now, if only I could find the time to get them all done. Sigh.


If I only posted about reno projects, I wouldn't be posting very often...Although, people might really appreciate that too.

Booda, Thanks. We all do what we can in our lives and everything seems to turn out alright for the most part. but I'll take that award. Ha ha.

laura b. said...

Aw, don't have that award all sewn up! That is what school sports are for, to remind us to get our kids their physicals. Job done :-)

Johnny Yen said...

I always wonder what possesses people to put cheap carpeting over beautiful hardwood floors. You see it here in Chicago a lot. The one good thing is that the floors are usually protected from wear and tear, and are usually in pretty good shape under the carpeting.