Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's Good to Hear Your Voice, You Know It's Been So Long

Here is a snowy gate.

Please allow me to be your cautionary tale...Again. So, yeah. You may not want to do a throw down on Winter, because Winter doesn't give a shit if you're tired of it. It will just laugh at you and then throw snow in your face, pelt you with ice and freeze you out, making it really, really difficult to do any outdoor triathlon training. I hope you all can learn from my mistake and dissuade yourself from doing any seasonal trash talking. Winter is one bad-ass mutha f*@ka and should not be messed with. Mea culpa, mea culpa. Uncle, uncle. Amen.

Because I work on a college campus, I like to keep an eye and ear open, (and apparently, I don't have to open those ears very much) just to do a little upper middle class, overly entitled young people sociological studying. Kids today....I saw a girl walking around downtown during a Winter storm in shorty shorts, a long sleeve t-shirt and Uggs. Wha?! Is there some way you can get your daddy to buy your way out of frost bite that I don't know about?

Later during the big scary rush of classes getting out, another girl was talking very loudly on her cell phone. And this is what me and about a hundred other people heard her say. "....So, of course we had sex. And then I didn't get home until like 5:15..." Um, excuse me, ma'am. You do know you're out in public and we can all hear you, right? It's still not quite as good as when that other woman on the Pentacrest, screamed into her phone, "How you gonna try and tell me you're lonely when you're calling me from your wife's house?" But it's going to be hard to top that one.


MrManuel said...

I hear people complain about being able to hear other peoples' phone conversations. Me on the other hand, LOVE hearing them. Especially when they are inappropriate like that.

rel said...

It's in the fine print of your cell phone contract; when talking on your cell phone you will be surrounded by a sound proof but invisible imaginary phone booth. No matter how loudly you speak no one around you will notice! :)

Tara said...

Did you tell that girl wearing shorts and ugh boots that she's the reason Winter has been like this? Winter doesn't want to see that stuff. Neither does the rest of us.

SkylersDad said...

At least she had boots. We get young ass-hat girls going to Skylers school wearing flip flops in the snow!

booda baby said...

You think those scenes are exclusive to uppermiddleclassoverlyentitled? It'd be my guess, but ... just a guess, based on catching so many glimpses of the parents wanting more than anything to be regarded as cool. By their kids who, by virtue of being kids, don't know shit. It's a mystery to me.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is kinda funny when you think about it.. cause who really does that in the midst of Winter? Well she obviously did and doesn't know any better.. Maybe she will end up with a frozen Bunny..(her privates)lol.. As for the inappropriate convo on the phone.. I get a kick out of hearing people talk like that cause they too are oblivious to what is going on around them or they just don't care that other people can hear their convo's in public.. One of these days I will have an opportunity to say something inappropriate back to them..lol

Ananda girl said...

Hahaha... those phone calls! People are nuts.

Good advice about putting winter down to her face. She's mean.

Johnny Yen said...

When my dad still lived here in the Chicago area and was still working (he's retired), he was on a commuter train and heard a conversation he really didn't want to hear-- a woman loudly telling her significant other that they couldn't have sex that night because she was having her period. Not something that the whole train car really wanted to hear.

I habitually go to another room or to a corner out of earshot even when the content is not that private. It just seems to be a consideration thing for the other people in the room and for the person I'm talking to.

laura b. said...

haha! Funny, Churlita :-) Don't feel bad about talking smack to Mother Winter. Sure, she's tough but you are too!
I am constantly amazed by what I hear people saying in public places. Depending on my mood it is amusing or annoying.

Churlita said...

Manuel, I agree. I just find it odd that people don't care whether total strangers hear their intimate conversations.

Rel, Wouldn't that be great?

Tara, I Will the next time I see her. All this snow is HER fault.

Skyler's, We get that here too. So bizarre.

Booda BAby, Maybe not. It's that those are the people I see behaving that way in IC.

Mrs., Ha ha. Her legs were purple, they were so cold. Gross.

Ananda, I plan on being more more diplomatic with Winter next time. I'll mind my manners.

Johnny Yen, Me too. I'm very careful about where I talk on a cell phone.

LauraB., That's how it is with me too. I'm usually amused, but if I'm in the wrong mood, it can annoy me too.