Sunday, August 02, 2009

If I Could Only Give You Everything You Know I Haven't Got

Here is a UNI panther.

Soooo, this weekend seems like it went on for months....In a good way, though. It was a great weekend. I had a lot of fun, I got to spend time with the girls, and actually got some stuff done.

Coadster and I went on our college visit to UNI. It was helpful for her in a lot of ways. She's so spoiled living in our college town. The campus sits right next to our downtown area and it's very convenient for students. At UNI, the campus is a ways away from the downtown and Coadster didn't like that as much. Their music education program is probably the best in the state, and unlike our music building, theirs didn't get ruined in a flood. We'll still go visit Iowa State as well as a few other campuses in the next few months.

The weird thing about the visit for me was that most of the outsides of the buildings looked the same. Going back there brought on this incredible feeling of loneliness. I don't remember being super lonely when I was a student back in the eighties, but it hit me so hard for the few hours we were there. It felt a little like if we walked too far off the campus, we'd find that the world just ended there. Like UNI was the last island somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Odd.

Here is our friend John ripping open my favorite bartender S.'s shirt. Always awesome.

I took the girls to their dad's house and went running when we got back into town. I had a few lovely hours to myself and then met people down at the Dublin at 9.

We had a great time and it just so happened they were having the West High class reunion of 1983 meet there. They had postponed their 25th high school reunion from last year because of the flood. I didn't go to school there, but I knew some of the kids from college. So, the fun was multiplied.

Here we are all sending/shoving our friend John back to Boston.

I tired to stay out as long as I could, but it had been a long day on top of a long week, and I needed to go home and rest. Hopefully, our friend John was sufficiently hung-over when he boarded his plane the next morning.


AlienCG said...

I've been to Iowa, UNI is probably the last island in the middle of nowhere. It sounds like a partly fun and busy weekend.

Susan said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Ananda girl said...

I just love how happy you all look!

Glad it was a good one. Great idea to visit a variety of campuses. I enjoy looking at them just for fun.

Great photos!

Tara said...

The college I went to is located in in the Downtown part of the city - lots of coffee shops and pizza places, it is perfect.

MrManuel said...

I remember college visits. It was actually a lot of fun!

laura b. said...

So far my kids have all been in Community college only. I'd love it if one of them decided to go to my alma mater, even though it isn't a pretigious would just be cool :-)
I'm glad you had a good weekend and did the right thing for your friend. haha!

Churlita said...


Maybe my feeling was just real. It was a fun Friday.


It was.


Dorkiness is bliss. Thanks.


It sounds a lot like my town.


Coadster is getting excited about visiting all of the colleges.


What school did you go to?

laura b. said...

Cal State Fullerton. Go Titans!