Sunday, August 30, 2009

And For a Minute There, I lost Myself, I Lost Myself

Here is a sandcastle that they built downtown to celebrate the college students coming back to town.

Well, things didn't happen quite the way I thought they would on Friday...But what ever does? Basically, a friend of mine was having a rough week. I had been trying to help her through it via email during the week. By Friday night, I decided she needed some escapism, so I brought her a book and I stayed until about 8:30 talking to her. I wasn't home for even an hour when Stinky got back from the football game. So, I didn't get as much reading done as I wanted.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was sure I was going to die young. I guess, technically now it's too late for that, but all those years of living like I could die at any time, have had some positive influences on me. I used to wonder what would be most important to me if I died right at that moment. Would I be upset that I didn't read enough books, or have enough stuff or run enough miles or have tons of money? Not really. I decided that ultimately I would care most about my relationships with the people who mattered to me and the adventures I experienced. So, I'm sure I'll have time to read my book this week and hopefully I helped a friend when she needed me.

Here is my favorite bartender and his adorable wife.

I went out on Saturday night and had a great time. A lot of my friends were out and G.'s old college buddy was in town.

He was a great sport about hanging out with all of us loud, bawdy dames, and was even okay with the obsessive photo taking. I have a feeling when he left town, he appreciated the hell out of being alone in the quiet of his car without women screeching at him or giving him seizures with all the camera flashes though.

Don't worry. This pic is totally staged.

I stayed out pretty late for me, but I said goodbye to all the fun kids who were on their way to an afterhours party. I'll never be able to keep up with the cool kids, and that's just fine with me. I don't want to waste my Sundays trying to recover from Saturday night. Who knows what will happen to me, and I do want to spend at least some of the time I have on this earth reading books, after all.


laura b. said...

I think it is totally understandable why you'd feel that way...and I do think there are things to be said for living like there is no tomorrow. You have your priorities SO in order, Churlita. Love, Your Biggest Fan :-)

Remiman said...

It's back to the routine starting today.........
Feels good!

booda baby said...

That's a great way to order things! I was thinking that it all depends on the book, but then I realized I was just SAYing that. Books, even the most unputtabledown ones, will only capture what you get to create with real people.

Churlita said...


It's true, but with my luck, I'll live to a very old age, and won't have planned for it. I suppose that still isn't all that horrible either.


Good luck with going back to the grind.

Booda Baby,

Wow. You put that so much better than I could have.With way fewer words.

dmarks said...

Odd sandcastle. Because nothing says Iowa in the summer than a creepy white sand sculpture of Norman Bates' house?