Thursday, August 06, 2009

And Babe, Don't You Know It's a Pity That the Days Can't Be Like the Nights

Here are some flowers on both sides of a fence.

So, yeah. Hey, things are going well here tonight. We finally finished up having Coadster's senior pictures taken. Whenever we get them in, I'll be sure to post some.

I know I just took a vacation, but I'm taking another one too. I'm off tomorrow and all of next week. It looks like it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so the plan is to run a few errands and then clean the hell out of my house. I think I might just stay home tomorrow night and read and/or watch movies with the girls.

On Saturday the girls are supposed to go to the Quad Cities with their dad for their family reunion. I don't have a lot planned for the day. It's supposed to get hot again, so I guess I'll have to wake up early and run before it gets up to 100 degrees.

Saturday evening, I'm supposed to go to a weird more casual wedding type reception in someone's backyard. Then my friend G. wants to go to karaoke again. I'll probably go watch, but I'm not quite sure if I'm in the mood to participate. I guess I'll decide when I get there.

What about you guys? Will you be running errands or running from the heat?


laura b. said...

Yay for vacations! You know, it's like smoke 'em if you got 'em :-)

Seems like you know a lot of people getting married lately! What is up with that?

Have a good weekend with all sorts of running around. I will be working and then whatever is the opposite.

AlienCG said...

I got nothing planned. Maybe I'll cash in my free dinner from my brother for fixing his girlfriend's computer. Other than that, I'll probably hang out at home and do some chores.

Susan said...

Tonight I'm going to get a mani-pedi in preparation for the Saturday wedding I'm going to and then I'm going to eat some mexican food and chill! Saturday will be a jam packed day of me working on getting things to my parents for me house sitting and getting ready and attending the wedding then meeting up with fly for movie night.


Ananda girl said...

The weather here is in the dreamy 70s. I'm going to stay at my daughter's for the weekend. A family weekend.

Yay for second vacation! Enjoy.

crazy4coens said...

stay cool my sista - and enjoy your second week off.

Friday night is game night with the girls for me, Saturday night is Drinkin at Your Funeral and Sunday is taking the hubby to the airport at 4 am.

Tara said...

Girls night on Saturday night - maybe buy Chinese food and then we'll watch a girly movie.

Remiman said...

Catching up with home duties.