Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hope You Make a Lot of Nice Friends Out There

Stinky on her first day of preschool - which just happened to be Coadster's first day of kindergarten too.

So, tomorrow is Coadster's very first day of her very last year of high school. Holy shit! How did that happen? She is super excited about it and seemingly ready to kick ass. She's had cross-country practice for the last two weeks, so she's been hanging around the high school lately anyway.

Coadster on her first day of kindergarten talking to a girl she had been friends with since birth.

It's weird to think that next year, Stinky will be headed to school by herself. We're all pretty aware of how hard that will be for her. She and Coadster have always been very protective of one another. Our house seems to be the meeting place for many of the girls' friends and Stinky loves having all of Coadster's friends treat her like their little sister too. I have to admit, I've been happy that Coadster and her friends keep a close eye on Stinky at school too.

At the beginning of it all, and open to the experience.

So, I guess this is our last year of "business as usual". I told the girls I would drive them to school in the morning. I'm going to try really hard not to get all sappy and dorky, but I'm not promising anything. Oh yeah, there is a slight possibility (cough, cough) of a photo or two coming out of the experience.


laura b. said...

There is something almost hypnotic about thinking back and realizing how quickly the time has gone.

I know your girls will have another incredible and successful year together :-)

Remiman said...

I'm thinking this is going to be a great year for you guys!

NoRegrets said...

Time marches on...

A in Texas said...

Theo meets his kindergarten teacher tonight and starts next Tuesday. Samuel tells me "10 more years and I'm out of here!"
wet eyes.

Ananda girl said...

If you think those first 12years went fast... hang on. The senior year blows past at the speed of light. So many things to do and plan for... best of luck to her, though you have done a fabulous job preparing your girls for life.

Poptart said...

I can't believe it. I know you won't let this year slip by though - it's good that you know it's the last year of "business as usual," as you said. Wow!!

Not Fainthearted said...

Enjoy these moments, Mom. And take as many pictures as you possibly can. That's my free advice ;-)

Tara said...

That seems odd that they wouldn't start on Monday rather than Thursday. That would mess up my mind for the whole week.

Does this feel like a bittersweet moment to you, Coadster's senior year?

I always missed my brothers when they went off to college or to live somewhere else. Not at first, because they'd frustrate me to no end, but eventually I missed the torment.

Churlita said...


It definitely makes you want to appreciate everything you have while you have it.


I hope so. The last couple have been pretty kind to us.


Indeed it does.


That is still freaking me out. I just found some old pics of the girls holding Samuel when he was a baby. You need to come back to Iowa soon.


Thanks. I don't doubt how fast this year will go. I wish there was some way to put it on slow-motion.


It's weird, huh? They were just little babies like 5 minutes ago.


You don't have to tell me that twice. My girls are well documented in photos.


I think they figure the first 2 days are wasted, so by Monday they should all be back in the game.