Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slow Change May Pull Us Apart

The little boy who is in love with Coadster in some cool superhero flashy glasses and one of my other neighbors egging him on.

I know it's pretty much Wednesday and I'm still blogging about Saturday, but I'm sure it will surprise exactly none of you that I'm a little slow on the draw in general.

On Saturday I was beat. I was tired and like I said a few posts ago, a little sad and I figured I just needed to stay home and regroup. In the late morning, I started my run up Rochester Street, when one of my neighbors opened her door and yelled at me. With my headphones on and my usual spacing-out, it was a wonder I even heard her. She wanted to let me know that our neighborhood party was that evening in her garage and the surrounding alley around 6.

I had been planning to stay home and be a big nerd and read and listen to music, but I've been really, really bad about socializing with the neighbors lately, so I figured I'd better show. Plus, it seemed that all of my friends and most of my family were at the State Fair that day, so if I did get lonely and want to talk to adults, it was my only chance.

My friend and neighbor, Stacy rocking the flashy glasses.

My girls and I showed up around 6'ish and ate some amazing food. I know I've said this a million times, but thank god my neighbors know how to cook and how to drink. There was everything homemade and wonderful that you could imagine. The main entree was pulled pork and beef sandwiches, but on top of that there was mac and cheese, tuna noodle casserole, egglpant parmesan and about a ton of different fresh marinaded veggies right out of their respective gardens. Mmmmm.

Around 7:30, both my girls needed rides to their friends' houses. I didn't drink one drop of alcohol the whole night, so I taxied them to their destinations and then went back to the party.

The little boy in the top photo was in the Summer day camp where Coadster worked and he apparently fell in love with her. After I got back, he was relentless, asking me when or if I thought Coadster would be back. I told him I didn't think she'd be back by the time he left. He then asked me to take a picture of him in the special glasses and then reminded me about 5,845 times to make sure I showed it to her. It was really cute, until I was too tired for it, and had to head home. Don't worry. I made a big point of showing Coadster the photo and she thought it was adorable and then felt bad that he had missed her so much after she left. Poor little guy.


laura b. said...

Your post makes me want to organize a building party or something. The idea makes me laugh, which must be good.
That little boy is so cute! All his life he will be searching for a woman who reminds him of Coadster :-)

Remiman said...

I remenber well those adolescent crushes I had on the older girls in the neighborhood. ;)

NoRegrets said...

Well, glad you got out. Glad Coadster has a stalker. Glad you had good food...

Susan said...

Poor guy!

Man this post made me hungry. Lunch isn't for an hour and 45 minutes. It's going to be a long day.

MrManuel said...

I wish we had neighbors like that. I miss that from my childhood. I even live in a court where it is easier, but everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.

jeci said...

Aw--too sweet! You girls seems like such nice kids. I'm glad, btw, that you had a nice time camping with your girls. :)

PS Aug always makes me a little sad and/or restless too. It's sort of naturally a bittersweet month to begin with, and then I think I have a hangover from school days to feel sort of revved up and nervous as Sept approaches.

Ananda girl said...

That is too cute.

You do not want to come to any party thrown by my neighbors... neither do I.

AlienCG said...

Now that sounds like one hell of a party. Makes me want to move to Iowa and participate in this celebration. All that food sounds so good, I'm drooling.

Churlita said...


His mom says he love brunettes with great smiles and a lot of energy. So, I can totally see why he loves Coadster so much.


That's pretty cute. I think this kid is only going into 1st or 2nd grade, so he's really getting a jump on it.


I'm glad Coadster's stalker is harmless anyway.


There really is nothing better than homemade mac in cheese just out of the oven. Okay. Now I'm hungry too.

Mr Manuel,

That sucks. It's what I really love about my neighborhood. The people are so great and fun and there are tons of kids.


Thanks. They really are nice kids...Probably in spite of me.


Are your neighbors pretty "animated"?


The food is so perfect.