Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm All Right Jack Keep Your Hands Off of My Stack

I can totally relate to this dead animal tonight.

Well, kids. Today has been on the rough side. I had a migraine, and while I took my preventative drugs, I'm out of my migraine knock out pills and my HMO won't cover a refill until the 27th. So, I have to suffer through for another day or two. Wah.

The good thing about today, was that the weather was bad so Stinky's band concert got canceled. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear her perform, (for the most part) but the idea of sitting through a junior high band concert and hearing off key medleys from High School Musical with a migraine, makes me want to cry. The bad thing about today is that I had to shovel really heavy snow and there was literally nowhere to put it anymore. The mounds of snow at the end of the driveway are now taller than me and when I put more on there, it just falls right back on the sidewalk. Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but you can start calling me Sisyphus if you want to. I would totally answer to it.

Now, I am going to stop whining and take my sorry ass (and head) to bed. I'm going to pray that when I wake up, it's the 27th already so I can take some real drugs. I hope when you all wake up, you are also able to take your drugs of choice and that the snow turns into dollars and we have mounds of that as tall as me at the end of my driveway too. Amen


evil-e said...

The yuck is here as I type....we got the heavy stuff this morning.

I wish you nothing but good drugs and no snow.

AlienCG said...

I just checked and, lo and behold, the snow is...still snow. Luckily, our weather warmed up enough to melt the existing snow before the new stuff fell.

Tara said...

Oh yuck! Feel better soon! The only meds I have are for the less-severe tension headaches, so I don't think they'll help. If I knew they would help, I would totally send them overnight to you.

NoRegrets said...

Should I fedex you one of my relpax's? Oh, I feel soooo sorry for you.

fringes said...

Bloggers give a brand new name to online pharmacy. We got what you need. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Just say the word and I'll Fedex you an imitrix. hidden in yarn or something I suppose... Or, given the right sort of day, I'll drive it down. It's only about 5 hours, right?

feel better. ;-)

Remiman said...

What a bummer; a HA + too much snow. Here's hoping for early spring!
Your snow hit here this morning while I was running. Still coming down and supposed to last 'til tomorrow. :rel

DJSassafrass said...

it's almost the 27th! if you had to wait any longer I'd get you mine (I think they are relpax? sp?). I have removed myself from most all meds these's interesting.

MrManuel said...

There is no headache medicine at the store that will help you unil then? Hope you ar ebetter today...

laura b. said...

Ow, sorry to hear about the pain Churlita. Would it help you at all to know that here it got up to about 80 today? Um, probably not, but I was astounded and can't help mentioning such oddness.

Chance said...

Sorry about your bad day. Can't cheer you up, though. I'm the guy that sucks, plus I got depression.

Churlita said...


That's the nicest thing you could wish me.


I wish ours melted first. It just keeps piling up.


Thanks. I'm okay now.


That would be nice, but I'll be able to get my drugs by tomorrow.


Thank god for bloggers, right?


5 hours isn't that far. It's just the other 5 hours back up too.


Spring, where the hell are you?


Good for you. The only drugs I take are migraine meds and I like them very, very much.

Mr Manuel,

I h ave stuff that makes it slightly more bearable, but nothing kicks it like the real deals.


I know, I used to live in California. I remember those wonderful days in Feb every once in a while. I just chose to live in Iowa. I can't quite remember why now.


No. I'm sorry to hear about your bad day.

another good thing said...

hahaha- had to respond to this post- though you do know I read them all, right?
I am sorry about the migraine thing and oh so glad I have never had one-- but loved you drug line/prayer... too funny. hope you find a cure. I took a headachy pal to acupuncture once...