Monday, February 18, 2008

'Cos There's Something in a Sunday, Makes a Body Feel Alone

Oh, kids. My weekend was oh so very awesome. I did have a little bit of that "Sunday morning comin' down" feeling again today, but it still couldn't detract from how fun my Valentine's Day weekend was. I'd love to tell you all about it, but it's late and I'm tired and so I'm doing my Saturday Scavenger hunt photo post instead.

The word this week came from Evil-E's lady and she gave us temptation. What could be more tempting than a room full of guns?... Especially when you've just found a cowboy hat and an acid wash jean jacket just hanging on hooks in the hunting lodge and you could be the most awesome eighties cowboy ever?

Okay, it is pretty tempting to make devil horns out of Bugles and cement them on your head with easy cheese. Don't even try to lie to me and tell me you've never done that either.

Of course, one of the greatest temptations of the weekend was for all the other guests not to try and shoot me in the head. Even before I stuck a bright orange target sticker on my forehead. I was dancing around and dorking out all weekend. Hmmm, weird. Imagine that.

The greatest temptation for all of us that weekend, (not just Scuba our favorite Chocolate lab) was not to eat too much amazing food, but I'll get into that later this week. Trust me, these ribs were some of the best I've had in a long, long time. Mmmmmm.


Remiman said...

Those are the weekends take make us glow for days afterward.

dmarks said...

It's been to long since I've had good ribs. Those do look good.

Not sure if I would paste bugles to the ribs, however.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Those ribs look mighty tempting.. Haven't had those in a long long time...You still look as if you have that after glow..

DJSassafrass said...

Guns and meat--what A VD weekend!

booda baby said...

Musta been steamy in that lodge! You look super hot (but I can't imagine wearing no sleeves unless it's a bona fide 70 plus. Outside, I mean.)

fringes said...

Those ribs look yum. Looking forward to hearing more about the weekend details!

NoRegrets said...

I love the bugle horns!

dmarks said...

"The Devil Wears Bugles"

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I like the Bugles idea for a quick and dirty Halloween costume.

evil-e said...

Excellent use of the word....well done again.

Glad to hear your Valentines weekend featured your cowboy, guns and ribs...sounds like a good time to me.

AlienCG said...

OK, now I'm jealous. Not about the cowboy hats, not about the devil horn Bugles and not even about the guns. I'm jealous about the freshly barbecued ribs. Nothing like a couple of slabs to make me drool.

MrManuel said...

Room full of guns sounds VERY tempting to me!

Churlita said...


I have amazing memories from that trip.


The ribs were wonderful and need to stand on their own. The Bugles made great snacks, however.


I was glowing alright. Thanks for noticing. I highly recommend eating ribs whenever you can.



Booda Baby,

There was this gigantic fireplace that really kicked out the heat.


I don't have much else going on for a while, so I'm sure I'll try to stretch this weekend out for everything I can get.

No Regrets,

I know. How awesome is that pic of Erik?


It is a great fashion statement, isn't it?


Exactly. It's cheap and easy - just the way I like things.


I would have settled for just my cowboy, but it was perfect to have all three.


And those were amazing. They just slid right off the bone.

Mr Manuel,

Believe me. They were.

laura b. said...

Interesting set of temptations you got there, missy! Tell the ate those bugle horns off his head, didn't you.