Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Open Up Your Mouth and Feed It

I'd like to think of me and Erik as being happy in general. There is one way to make us even happier though, and that is to feed us. We are HUGE food eaters. So, you don't have to even try to convert me, because I've already accepted food as my personal savior.

As you've probably already guessed, I'm milking my weekend trip for another blog post. Hey, cut me some slack. I don't get out much, so you may have to hear even more about it, until I go to the fun girl dance party that was postponed until this Saturday. Sometimes the weather actually works in my favor.

Okay, yeah. Whatever. The guy in the photo is Emilio and he made all of our food - very well. He never stopped smiling. Even on Sunday when the torrential rains washed all the roads out. We asked him if he was able to get his truck through it and he said, "No." But he had a huge grin on his face. How fucking awesome is that?

This photo is kind of hard to see, but Emilio made all the girls heart shaped pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning. The boys were a little put out about only getting round ones, but we just told them to suck it up and deal with it. The important thing was, that he fried enough bacon for all of us.

Here is a photo of the peppers and onions he cut for fajitas for Saturday lunch. Emilio was so great that he made the fajitas with not only beef AND pork AND chicken...

...But tons of shrimp too. Just in case you were wondering, there were no vegetarian options. I don't suppose many vegetarians hang out at hunting and fishing lodges, do they?

The great thing about food, is that sometimes it is fruit and you can blend it up and mix it with vodka and put whip cream on it. Then after you've had a couple of those drinks, you think it's really funny to pretend to do one of those totally dork-ass "got milk" mustaches. Yeah, I just made you glad you weren't there, didn't I?


Remiman said...

I'm on a perpetual see food diet. :)
Btw, you look good with a moustache....briefly.

the river otter said...

got whipped cream?

evil-e said...

I will not comment on the last photo...

Milk the weekend photos for all they are worth. It looks as if you had a good one and sometimes those are hard to find, especially in winter.

I don't care what the shape of the pancake, just give me some butter and syrup and I can sculpt them as I will.

NoRegrets said...

Ah, Churlita, we are, as others say, twin sisters separated at birth. I bow at the altar of food also. The big difference though, that I see, is that I can be NOT happy if I don't have food, while you seem to be happy even if you don't. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

All that shootin' and horsin' around AND somebody else cooked?

Next you're going to tell me you didn't have to do the dishes either?!

I gotta find me one of them lodges... they look like a way lot o' fun.

Tara said...

The whipped cream matches your hat color. That's pretty cool. My stomach was grumbling while reading that post. I love the fact that Emilio made heart-shaped pancakes for the girls.

fringes said...

You must have some sort of camera pouch sewn into your abdominal area. You are never without pictures. Love that!

egan said...

Mmmmm, whip cream.

I think I like Emilio a lot since he made those heart-shaped pancakes. Too bad he didn't make them for the guys though.

My wife has never hung out at a hunting and fishing lodge and she's a vegetarian. Just thought I'd share.

Mr Atrocity said...

Fajitas and pancakes with bacon? I am jealous beyond words.

minijonb said...

those heart shaped pancakes look awesome. now i need to figure out how to make them for Lisa. she'd go crazy over them!

booda baby said...

I think just about everything's funny after a few cocktails.

I can't believe you bothered to hunt when it seems to me you could've talked Emilio into making more pancakes.

laura b. said...

Food be with you...and also with you. Sounds like such a tasty, tasty weekend.

Churlita said...


That's my favorite diet too. And thank you...I think.

River otter,

I did, but it's gone now. Maybe I should get some more. What do you think?


Exactly. Pancakes are more about butter and syrup than anything. Thanks for not commenting on the last photo.


I was happy because there was plenty of food and drink. There wasn't much abstaining from anything that weekend, and that's why it was perfect.


I highly recommend it. Nothing will get you through Winter better than getting away from it.


I know. Emilio was so cool. I wish he was in my house right now cooking me awesome dishes.


Erik and I are both obsessive documenters. Apparently, some people find that really annoying.


I don't blame your wife one bit.

Mr Atrocity,

You would have been in hog heaven - literally.


I bet all you have to do is cut them in that shape. I bet Lisa would get a kick out of them.

Booda Baby,

We didn't really hunt, we just shot at stuffed animals and blew off some fireworks. It was super fun, though.


It was tasty. And in my world, it was spiritual too.