Monday, February 11, 2008

I Like The Way Ya Make Me Feel About You Baby

Hey, kids. It's late and it just hit me that I'm a little tired and cranky. So, I'll make this quick. I think I'm just going to do the Saturday Scavenger Hunt photo post tonight, because it will be fast and easy.

The word this week is Inspiration. I figured I'd just tie it in to the photos I've acquired this week. These first few are from Stinky's last basketball game on Thursday. Of course, my girls are my biggest inspiration. I'd put some pics of Coadster up, but she's not big on letting me take them of her. Just know, she's with us in spirit. Coadster and I did go on our girl dinner date tonight and it was very nice.

For whatever reason, these bball pics came out pretty dark. How about we all pretend they're brighter and easier to see, 'kay?

This last photo, Dexter from Degrees of Gray in Iowa City sent to me in an email on Friday. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, Dexter has this uncanny ability to send me the most perfect pics when I'm at work and bored and having a hard time making it through the day. (even if that one time it was a ridiculous one of me 80's dancing at the Picador - yeesh!) Anyway, this pic is of Erik from the caucuses in January. I love it, because you can tell he is so ready to start talking shit and I like to think of him as an inspiration to shit talkers everywhere.

Seriously, though. I had a great Sunday morning with Erik and we had tea and croissants and bacon and smoked provolone and used the award winning mustard he picked up at the mustard museum (yes, there is one) in Wisconsin. Oh, yeah. AND we had ice cream as an appetizer. So, now I finally get why I'm a little cranky - I had such a great weekend, that I now have to step away from the butter and bacon and eat that reality sandwich on Monday all by myself. I have a feeling it won't taste quite so good.


Anonymous said...

Didya go shootin?


Churlita said...

We're going shooting next weekend. You know - for Valentine's Day. We're all romantic like that.

river otter said...

you forgot about the cashews.

Anonymous said...

It never does taste quite as good after a weekend of yummy eating like that! My bowl of cereal this Monday morning was definitely bland. :P

Remiman said...

Sounds just like a cafe in Paris.
Yea, reality sandwichs taste like crap, more so after a devine weekend. That's what makes the weekends so great!

AlienCG said...

Wow, those pictures are so bright and easy to see (I'm imagining them that way). It's a very good take on the word of the week.

I always hate stepping away from a good weekend to rejoin life already in progress.

Margaret said...

butter and bacon and ice-cream makes you cranky? how can that be?

Anonymous said...

reality bites.

Tara said...

My stomach grumbled hungrily in response to that breakfast you had. Not the reality sandwich but the one with bacon and croissants.

DJSassafrass said...

I don't think there is any worse moment than waking up on Monday morning...but that is me and my icky state.

evil-e said...

Well done...I had a feeling the daughters would make it into the inspirational post...

Mustard museum, hmmm....I would have to check that out one day.

fringes said...

That breakfast sounds yummy. mmmmmm croissants....

Churlita said...

River Otter,

As you know, I don't write about EVERYTHING on this blog. Cashews and abalone style BBQ eating are off-limits. I think you know why...


Exactly my point. the weekend makes everything taste better.


Yup.that's why appreciate my weekends so much.


I love it that you have such a great imagination.


No. It's the lack of butter, bacon and ice cream that makes me cranky.


Sometimes it can.


Mine too.


It wasn't horrible, it just wasn't as wonderful and luxurious as Sunday morning.


If I remember right it's in Mt horub, on the way to Madison, Wi.


It was yummy. Erik and I still owe you some thanks, but I'll let him tell you why.

booda baby said...

Yayayayay! Ice cream is THE best appetizer in the WHOLE world!! Well. Or creme brulee. Hmmmmmm.

laura b. said...

Luckily you have your uber-cool girls to get you through until your next big dose of Erik :-)

Churlita said...

Booda Baby,

those are my two favorite appetizers right there.


Oh yeah. It's totally win/win.

LA said...

I am so glad you have found someone awesome enough to enjoy the joys of the mustard museum. Taste like that cannot be aquired. It must be genetic. Good work!
Don't you have a picture of yourself playing basketball when you were in highschool? I had to look twice at profile shot of A. to make it wasn't you.