Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Amish horses get a little skittish around cyclists.

So, Monday marked the 2 month anniversary of my cancer surgery.Of course, I was going to write this post on that day, but for some reason, I haven't been in the mood to write much this week.

Anyway, I took Monday off and had a wonderful day that I will try to write about tomorrow, but right now, I'll write about our weekend, which was also wonderful.

I love these horses hanging out by the green houses.

Saturday was beautiful and I started it by going for a 5 mile run. I was trying to go slow, but since I didn't run the day before, I went way faster than I thought I would. It felt so good.

At 1:30'ish, our friend Burne came over and we all went for a 50 mile bike ride to Kalona and back. As I say all the time, it is one of my favorite rides.

On the way there, my burrito (which is a little leather pouch attached to my bike saddle that contains an inner tube, some CO2 containers and a few other things to fix a flat) fell off my bike and we didn't notice until later.

So, when our friend Burne flatted on the gravel road and didn't have anything to fix his flat, all we had was one inner tube and 2 Co2 canisters, and it turned out that one of them didn't work. We rode on to Kalona and had a lovely early dinner and Stinky joined us before she headed off to work and it was great.

Since we didn't have enough CO2 to fully fill Burne's tire, we had to be more careful and not ride on the gravel, which meant riding on the highway for a bit, but since that bit was still in Kalona, the shoulders were made wide enough for horses and buggies to safely ride on the highway. It was heavenly.

We decided to go through New Sharon on the way back home.There just happened to be a big auction on that road. At one point, we hit a T intersection with two boys on bikes on one side, a weird auction vehicle on another and a horse and buggy on the 4th side. It was such an Iowa experience.

We rode past the auction and saw many Amish people packing up and heading home.

The shadows just before sunset in the Fall are so well defined.

Our friend, Burne finally did get another flat tire just as we were heading out of the town of Hills. It was 10 miles from home, so Burne went back into Hills (all two blocks of it) and sat at the one bar there, while John and I rode home, deposited our bikes and drove back to pick him up. Oh, and by the way, we found my bike flat fixing kit burrito on the side of the road and everything was there and in working order. We picked up Burne and headed home. Two weeks out of surgery and I ran 5 miles and rode 50 miles all in one day. Of course, the next day I was pretty wrecked, but I could finally actually do both tthings.

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