Sunday, October 09, 2016

Meow. Yeah, Don't Cross My Path.

I know I always complain about what a huge A-hole my cat is, but he is also really smart...Which I'm not so sure is a good thing at all.

On Friday evening, I went out to the garden to get some green peppers and jalapenos to make salsa. I came back smelling like tomato vines and Archie instantly started whining, which then turned into yowling. I had no idea what his problem was, and since I was apparently, an idiot human, he had to try a different way to communicate it to me. He went to his scratch box and pretended to eat the imaginary catnip that wasn't there. Oh, duh! Normally, when I come back smelling like garden, I have some fresh catnip for him, that I normally scatter on  his scratch box. It's a good things stupid humans are easily trained...

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