Tuesday, October 04, 2016

September Corn Still Can Make me Feel That Way.

The corn has ears...And by Fall, they also have weird, dark beards.

I guess it's time to do my monthly stats for September now. It was a weird month. I really thought that since I didn't have to do radiation, I would be up and running and riding and swimming and all different kinds of active. What I didn't understand is that this whole recovering from cancer and surgery, sure can take a lot out of a girl. I would do a bit of a physical effort, and then be wrecked and exhausted, and shy of working that hard again for a while. So, my training stats leave a little to be desired, but I did okay on other things...

Miles Run: 40.5. I have yet to start trail running. Maybe October?

Miles Biked: 159. It's a good thing I've been commuting or this number would be a hell of a lot smaller.

No walking, no swimming this month either. Sigh.

Races: One Whole Race! I really didn't think I'd be able to write that yet.

Places traveled for John's races: Mason City, IA, Knoxville/Pella, Iowa, Madison Wisconsin.

Books Read: 7  - 1) "China Dolls" by Lisa See, 2) "All Our Names" by Dinaw Mingestu, 3) "Margaret the First" by Danielle Dutton, 4) "The Laughing Monsters" by Denis Johnson, 5) "Eileen: by Ottessa  Moshfegh, 6) "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James, 7) "Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes.  I started reading scary books for Halloween. Hopefully, I won't run through them all before the holiday is over.

House Projects: Mostly, I am doing some crazy cleaning projects, but no cosmetic or structural work.

Paintings or Drawings: Big fat zero.

Writing: Blog posts - nine, any other kind of real writing none.

It will be interesting to see what October brings in my recovery and the creative projects I seem to keep putting off...

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