Saturday, October 01, 2016

It's Just Another Day for You and Me in Paradise

The last of our gladiolas still hanging on in the garden.
So, today I was walking downtown in Iowa City looking for a mailbox. It was Homecoming here and the streets were packed with drunk people in black and gold apparel. I passed a homeless guy asking for money. I didn't have any cash on me, but I just got paid today, so I came across a Subway sandwich place and decided to walk in and ask for a gift card.

When I went back to the homeless guy, I said, "Sir, I bought you a $10 gift card, so you can get a sandwich." I figured, he'd be able to stay inside and sit down and eat some food, if he had bought it there. I wasn't sure if he would be pissed-off at me, because I know sometimes people just want money to buy alcohol and cigarettes, and I get that. I'm sure if I were homeless, I would want something to numb the stress of that too. This homeless guy? He thanked me when I gave it to him, and then he proceeded to yell, Thank you's and god bless you's as I walked down the street. It was a pretty good feeling for 10 dollars of my money and I hope he got a decent lunch and was treated with respect during it too.

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