Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Comes a Time When Your'e Driftin'. Comes a Time When You Settle Down.

Guess what? I finally got a weekend where we didn't go out of town and didn't hang out at races all day. Holy COW! Did I need that.

I got off to a good start on Saturday with my favorite comfort food breakfast - Greek yogurt, granola with almonds and fresh raspberries. It is the perfect combination of foods.

I then set out to write a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish during the weekend. John told me I should prioritize them, you know, just in case I made the list too long and could only get to some of them. He didn't have to worry, because I didn't really get to any of the things on it. Oh well, I did something more important...I had fun.

What did I do instead of all of the stuff on my list? Well, I actually started a lot of the things on my list, but didn't finish them, so I couldn't scratch them off. What I'm hoping, is that this coming weekend where I don't have a race and am not planning on leaving town, will give me time to finish some of the things I started and I will be scratching-off away.

Also, on Saturday around 2:30 in the afternoon, we went to ride mountain bikes at Sugar Bottom. It had been sprinkling all day, but we couldn't find anything on the radar to show if it was raining closer to Solon. The website said the trails were open, so we chanced it. When we got there, I rode for about 2 seconds and deemed the trails too wet and muddy to ride.

I love that this barn is only partially painted.

Our friend, Burne met us and we decided to ride on gravel roads instead. We parked over at the Solon high school parking lot and took off from there.

The clouds were dark and brooding and we did get sprinkled on at the beginning of our ride.

Of course, the low hanging clouds, just made the dried corn that much more vibrantly gold and the grass a brighter green.

This was the first real ride I've gone on since my surgery. I have done some easy, short, flat rides, but nothing with the kinds of hills you get on gravel and not for that distance.

We headed toward West Branch and rode a little bit of Morse Rd, which just happens to be paved, until we hit this minimum maintenance road. As long as they aren't too muddy and unrideable, I love the low maintenance roads. Sometimes there are more dogs on them. This time we were lucky, we didn't encounter any dogs on the B road, but we did run into a couple on other gravel roads. The first one, was just doing his job and run alongside us barking as we passed his home. We told him he was a good boy.

When we were close to being done with our route, I was really dying. My lungs and my legs felt like they were exploding and I thought I might just fall asleep on my bike...Until I heard a dog bark. Then I found energy from the very depths of my soul. I passed both of the guys and then they realized why. The dog's owner called him back just as he was catching us. If I were smart, I would incorporate dogs into my training schedule. They could help me complete some SERIOUS intervals.

We came across the intersection of Plato and Plato and our friend, Burne got a little philosophical about it.

We finally finished our beautiful, if not tiring ride and headed to Big Grove for dinner and a beer. They had salmon corn chowder as their soup of the day and I love their roasted beet salad, so I was one happy girl.

On Sunday, John went to Chicago for a CX race. I stayed home and tried to get more stuff done. I made a big pot of potato leek soup and got some things done around the house and went on a little run.

By the time John got back from the race, we ate, he took a nap and then we finally got to ride mountain bikes on the trails. Boy, how I've missed that.

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