Friday, June 10, 2016

Well It's Not Far Down to Paradise. At Least It's Not For Me.

Well, it's getting hot here. I'm hoping my body won't fail me and I'll be able to ride bikes all weekend on TOMROV. I'll let you know how it all goes...

I decided to take a vacation day on Tuesday. I had to go in for my annual appointment in the morning, and the weather was supposed to be perfect, so I figured, what the hell.

My appointment was fine. She said my ears weren't infected anymore, but I still had some fluid in there. I also didn't  have to get a pap smear....So, it was a great appointment.

When I got home, I hung some clothes out on the line, watered my gardens and then sat on my porch, with some Chai tea, reading a book and watching my clothes flapping in the breeze. It was perfect.

Then I got down to business in the kitchen. We have soooo much work to do in there, but we've decided that we need to just chip away at it, or it seems so overwhelming that we become paralyzed and don't do anything. So, now we are patching up the holes in the ceiling. We have this stuff that goes on pink, but then turns white when it dries. As you can see, we also have bad places on the walls that is moisture damage from before we encapsulated our crawl space. That will be our next project. Apparently, with this house, we will never be bored...

I finally finished my chores, and then headed out to mountain bike. The trails were perfect and because most people were at work, I had almost the whole place to myself.

I hadn't ridden single track in a few weeks, so the first mile was nice and slow and cautious and then it started coming together for me. I even did a small part of a black trail. I took this photo to show John that I actually did ride part of a black trail even without him suggesting it first.

I had a blast, and I did stop in between different trail systems to have my lemon bar and I even had two high school aged looking guys have to pull over and let me pass them. It's usually the other way around.

I got home later than I thought I would, so I didn't make dinner and John and I headed to Shorts - our stand-by. All-in-all, even including my annual, it was about as perfect a stay in town vacation day as I could imagine.

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