Wednesday, June 22, 2016

On an Island in the Sun. We'll be Playing and Having Fun.

So, Coadster took-off yesterday with my brother to go to the least visited National Park in the country. Coadster has a dream of attending all of the National Parks during her lifetime and being a teacher, she has Summers off and my brother was able to retire at the age of 51 last year (jerk), so they have nothing but time....They get to go and play for about a week.

They stayed with some of my brother's friends in the U. P. on Monday evening and hopped on the ferry for Isle Royale yesterday morning. Coadster texted me before she left, assuming she wouldn't have any service on the island in the middle of Lake Superior. There are no bears on the island, but moose and other interesting wildlife. The coolest thing is that there is a lake on the island with an island that they can swim out to, so they can be on an island on a lake on an island in a lake. Meta!

They also have to pack in everything they need, since there might be one little store on the island, but it doesn't have much. I am so excited to hear about their trip and see their photos. I'm also so happy that my girl loves to play outside as much as she does and doesn't even flinch at camping somewhere where she won't have any access to internet.


A said...

lucky coadster! last year we did voyagers with a canoe, that was a very quiet trip and we packed in everything, very nice- Samuel really wants to see Isle Royale!! We just got home from the petrified forest, zion, Bryce, capitol reef, Canyonlands, arches - trip. my boys loved it and kept stats - 6 national parks, 11 overlooks, 11 short hikes and 8 medium to long hikes -

Tara Coady said...

I REALLY want to do that Utah trip. I'll let you know what Coadster thinks about Isle Royale. I hope Samuel gets to go there too.