Friday, June 03, 2016

And We Were Swingin' (Swingin'). Yes, We Were Swingin' (Swingin')

So, finally time for my Memorial Weekend post. It started out okay. I had a little sore throat, but I figured it was from allergies. Friday was Coadster's last night to work at Short's before she moved back to Des Moines. I was going to make dinner, but then figured, "What the hell!" we should go and heckle Coadster on her last shift. She rarely works the bar, so John and I went and ate and heckled her. She did spill John's beer, so we like to think it was because of our supreme heckling or because she was so excited to see us, even though she "claims" it's because she isn't used to pouring beer. Whatever.

On Saturday I was really starting to get my full-on cold. I was hoping it was just going to be congestion, but not the tiredy, achy, really sicky kind of cold. Since John has had this same cold for a few weeks before me, he wasn't able to race and we went to Snake Alley to watch others race and hopefully meet with our friends there.

It was great to watch some people we knew race and the town is really cool looking too, right on the Mississippi River and the 2nd crookedest street in the country after Lombard Street.

Our friends texted us to tell us that they were sleeping in and would meet us later. They are younger and party a lot harder than John and I (which isn't saying much...), so John and I got some lunch.

We then headed to the Cobble Climb. This alley in Burlington still has the old school cobbles on it and the photo above is just the top part of it. Riders still have to ride the bottom alley before they get to the most treacherous part of the race. It's a lot of fun to watch. I originally thought I would try to ride my bike up it, but, you know....Sick.

Our friends still hadn't shown up and there was a break in the races, so we decided to head back to Iowa City. I was exhausted and slept on the way home and then got home and slept some more. When I woke-up, I decided to dig out my second knew garden, but man, did it kill me. I actually had to sit down while I shook the dirt off of the clumps I dug up. John was wonderful and started scraping the popcorn ceiling off the kitchen ceiling. I came in and made fish tacos for dinner. I was hoping the homemade pico de gallo would burn my cold out, but I was wrong.

A few weeks ago, I had planned a 75 mile bike ride to Conesville and back for Sunday. When I woke up that morning, it was clear I wouldn't be able to go. Wah. I could no longer hear out of my left ear (and still can't) and I was way to weak to think about riding my bike. So, the boys went without me and I planned to meet them and one of their wives for lunch.

There were some problems with a broken wheel, so I left a little early, picked up our friend in North Liberty after I pulled the wheel off of my bike for him to use and transported both of us to Conesville.

Conesville is a cute little town with many Mexican restaurants and bakeries. Perfect.

We ate great food and had a good talk, but then it was time to go to the most interesting part of the trip...

That's right...The Swinging Bridge!

The Swinging Bridge is pretty damn cool, I have to say.

Of course, every guy you will ever meet feels the need to swing the bridge as hard as possible. Bonus points if people get queasy or screech with fear.

We all had a loverly time. After I left, I realized I had overdone it. I went home and took another nap. I was going to try and plant my garden, but I didn't have it in me.

I saved it for the next day. After I slept most of Monday away, I did get up and finish planting my garden. Another tomato plant, two more basil plants, a couple of gladiolas, a lily and scads of Coneflowers (Echancea) - one of my favorites.

So, the weekend was nice, the weather was perfect and I am hoping to feel better this weekend

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