Thursday, June 23, 2016

Look at That Kitchen and All of That Food. Look at Them Eat it. Guess it Tastes Real Good.

I was pretty fried on Sunday, so I just did a 3.5 mile run and then devoted the rest of the day to working in my yard. I could have spent weeks out there. Jeesh!

I mowed everything and everywhere I mowed I noticed how overgrown and unseemly our yard has become. So, I started in the front of the house with the loppers and the sheers and went to town. Of course, then I had to drag all of the brush to the backyard where the pile was...

...And don't get me started on the weeding. With the two new gardens, I cleaning out the beds could be a full-time job. The good thing was that with all that work, comes beautiful lilies.

Flowers and bikes are the perfect combination in my world. Too bad lilies aren't a little stronger, so I could ride around town with them.

...And best of all...We're getting veggies now! Nothing is better than picking something from the garden and eating it for dinner within the hour.

I love greens and hopefully tomorrow, I'll get to make my first batch of pesto with basil from our garden.

Because we don't have air conditioning, we are trying to think of food that doesn't require turning the oven on. The other evening that meant falafel, hummus, all the veggies and olives and artichoke hearts and feta cheese we could fit in our bellies. Lord knows I love a challenge.

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