Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Believe in the Sum of Ourselves

I am so behind in my blog posts. I got sick AGAIN this weekend, so I'm writing about last weekend on this one...

So, the first thing I saw when I walked out of my house last Saturday morning was a bird's nest on the ground. Is that supposed to be good luck, bad luck, some kind of sign? I did check and there weren't any eggs or dead babies in it, so that was good....

I felt enough better on Saturday that we decided to go on a bike ride to Big Grove Brewery in Solon and we figured we'd just go slowly enough that we wouldn't hurt ourselves and make ourselves sick again. It was a lovely, warm day and we tried out some new things on the menu. The smoked salmon salad was very nice, indeed.

We saw this bike on the way back to our bikes to ride home. It's all nicely monochromatic and check out the flask in the cage. Nice.

On Sunday morning we were going to try to do the time trial race our team puts on, but neither of us were feeling strong enough to kill ourselves for 20 miles, so we went to see if we could help out with the race.

There were only 12 people who came to it. No women and no juniors. Wah. Some other members of our team were putting on a marathon mountain bike race and it was graduation weekend in town, so I'm sure that's why our numbers were so low. I'm glad our team is putting on more races this year, but hopefully in the future, we'll try hard not to to do two in one day.

After we got back from the race, Stinky came over. She's had a hard time being healthy this last semester. I totally get it. She worked two jobs over full time and took a full load of classes. I've been there. It's hard to find time to play outside or inside and it's sooo easy to eat the crappy bar food you get at a discount at work. So, I told her I would help her any way I could. She turned her ankle and can't run or hike so easily right now, but she said she'd love for me to ride bikes with her.

We have all kinds of great townie trails and we took one to the Sycamore Mall. We checked out the new health food store there and got a few salads to take home, then we went to Panera's and she got a salad and I got soup and half a sandwich and then we rode home. Like she said, it wasn't a long ride, but her butt still hurt. I told her we'd build up to longer rides and I'd give her a pair bike shorts with a chamois in them that I've never worn if we get up to longer rides.

After Stinky and I got back from lunch, John and I got suited up and drove to Cedar Rapids to ride mountain bikes with our friend, Burne. He had never been on these trails before and he thought they were a lot of fun.

Keeping with my "trying to be braver" initiative this Summer, I did accidentally ride a couple of parts of the trail that were more difficult. The other, easier, option of the trail had grown over and I couldn't see it, and as you can see by my face, I was a little surprised to be riding over the extremely rocky and uneven trail. The good thing about that, is that I didn't crash and after I did it once, it wasn't scary at all. John also told me I should "ride" one of the black trails. So, I rode about a quarter mile of it, before it got too scary and then I walked the rest of it. John was trying to show me how it wasn't so scary to ride over a skinny, when he crashed. Like he said, he didn't get hurt. Which, I get, but I won't be riding over any skinny's all the same....

After our ride, we had our hearts set on getting pizza at Leonardo's, which was supposed to be open, but it wasn't and there was no sign saying why. So, instead we drove to Solon to The Red Vespa and had amazing pizza and appetizers. Life can be so hard...

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