Friday, May 06, 2016

World Serves its Own Needs. Don't Misserve Your Own needs

It got warm today. Hurray! I got to spend my lunch at work my favorite way - eating lunch outside in our private garden next to the dance department, listening to the classical piano playing for a ballet class, reading my book and eating leftover pizza. Let's, sunshine, music and a novel. I am one lucky so-and-so.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow for at least part of the day, but I still hope to get some gardening running and either swimming or riding done, depending on the storm front.

I want to run and garden on Sunday too, and if it doesn't rain in the afternoon, our plan is to ride bikes to Solon and meet my daughters and one of their boyfriends at Big Grove for a Mother's Day meal.

I hope all y'all's weekends show as much promise as mine.

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