Thursday, May 19, 2016

She's a Good Girl. Loves Her Mama.

It was a great weekend with and for my girls. Firstly, it was Coadster's 24th birthday. How the holy hell did she get that old? It was just yesterday that she was a sweet, little, sassy 4 year old and I would sit and wonder what kind of person she would grow to be.

The answer to that, is that she would grow to be a sweet, sassy woman with so much purpose and great ideas and a little too hard on herself, but she's still in her early 20's, so I'm hoping she learns to let herself off the hook a little more.

She is just finishing her first year of teaching. Her students loved her, she got them so interested in current events and history and her fellow teachers are offering her jobs to head the student government and another coaching job for next year. She Is also an amazing dog mom. She educates herself on a daily basis, she treats her depression with endorphins and is usually pretty good at letting me know when the sads are getting the best of her, so I can be there for her, and she does her best to be a wonderful big sister to Stinky. She has grown into quite an amazing woman.

My girls have always had a love/annoy each other relationship.

Stinky is rocking the adult world herself. She has always been one of those really smart kids with incredible test scores, who fails to apply herself. She likes hands-on stuff. She would get an A in physics, because she could build a cool bridge, but do poorly on any assignment where she was asked to read a book and write a paper on it. So, by the time she graduated from high school, she was clearly not ready to go on to college. she had many people tell her that if she didn't go on to college right after high school, that she would never go. In my classy, mom of the year style, I told her that was bull sh*t. I told her to do what her gut told her, and what felt right for her and she decided not to go to college after high school. Instead, she worked at a grocery store, retail and restaurants. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, nothing gets you motivated for a formal education like working sh*t jobs.

Soooo, after a few years, Stinky went to the local community college, worked two jobs, took a full load of courses and ended up with a 3.25 grade point. I told her how proud I was of her and she told me she was proud of herself...Which is the best thing.

Anyway, my girls are rocking their lives in the way that works for them and that's all I can hope for. Yea girls!


rel said...

A great story!

Tara Coady said...

Thanks, Rel!