Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This One Goes Out to the Ones I Love

I don't know how this weekend could have been any better (okay, except for winning the lottery). I asked John if he wanted to go on a mountain biking date on Friday after work. It was 80 degrees and perfect outside, which makes it hard to be at work on Friday afternoon, but it really helped to have something to look forward to.

I love mountain biking, but I am still too scared to ride certain things. I may never get over that, but who cares? I ride what I can and I walk what I can't. I am getting braver the more I ride the trails, so who knows where I'll finally get as far as bravery is concerned....

Saturday morning was very nice. John went to help work on the course at the Johnson County Fairgrounds for Jingle Cross. I probably should have too, but I had so much to do in the garden. So, I stayed home and did my own thing. Which turned out to be a really nice trail run. I didn't go hard or fast, but I just ran slowly and checked out the sights...

Toward the end of my run, one of those sights turned out to be Coadster. We got to run together for about a mile and then she went to meet her dad at the high school soccer fields to watch a game and I went home to get some reading and tea drinking done.

When Coadster got back from the soccer game, she and I decided to ride bikes to the Farmer's market. During the month of May, you can get a $2 coupon to use if you ride your bike or walk to the farmer's market. I used mine for asparagus and Coadster used hers for sugar cookies. Yum.

We also had a nice brunch. When my girls were little, we went to the Farmer's Market almost every Saturday. It has easily doubled in size since the 90's, with all kinds of food venues, in addition to the great produce and arts and crafts. It was a lovely morning.

I spent the afternoon gardening and doing yard work. I grubbed out a bunch of volunteer trees in our yard, mowed some grass and dug up and planted my new garden space. John got back from working on the Jingle Cross Course, only to help with yard work and clean out the gutters.  We both done good.

That night, I made salmon, baked potatoes and the asparagus from the farmer's market for dinner, had a cocktail and watched "After the Thin Man". If there was a way for my day to be any fuller, I'm sure I don't know how.

Mother's Day was just as lovely. I ran in the morning, I read more if my book and then I gardened in the my older, bigger space. I all told, I believe I planted 7 tomato plants, about 10 basil plants, many, many marigolds, 10 lilies and about 6 gladiolas. I still have to plant some peppers, lettuce, more marigolds, lilies, cone flowers and zinnias. Sheesh!

In the afternoon, John and I rode to Solon to meet my girls, Stinky's boyfriend, his mom and brother for Mother's Day dinner and beer. It was a wonderful ride and meal and once we got back home, were all ready to rest. I really couldn't ask for a better family or a better life...All except that whole winning the lotto thing.


rel said...

Ahh, a stress free day doing the things that satisfy with family, friends and Mother Nature beats the stress of managing a big lottery win. :-)
I researched it once.

Tara Coady said...

I'm sure you are right. I certainly don't need any stress in my life..