Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Day to Come Together to Release the Pressure.

John takes a lot of photos, but doesn't put them up anywhere, so on our vacation, my phone was full, and he took a bunch of photos that no one will ever see. I got him to send me a couple more from our vacation and I love the colors and the seahorse in this one.

People give John and I a lot of shit for "working-out" so much. They keep telling us we're so good to be doing that. Of course, we both laugh because neither of us is very well behaved or good about anything. We're just addicted, which is probably the opposite of good. I tell people saying that about us is like telling the town drunk how good it is of him to sit at the bar drinking all day. The big problem with being so compulsive about playing outside, is that when we get sick or injured it is really hard to take more than a day or two off. This has been my problem with my stupid mild cold, that doesn't seem to ever want to leave me. I was trying to take it easy last week by doing mellow, shorter runs or bike rides or swims, but by Saturday I was feeling a lot better. I ran my 6 mile route and felt so strong and good and thought I could do a double work-out on Sunday and maybe even a triple work-out on Monday...Until my cold symptoms all came back on Sunday morning. Crap. I took Sunday off, for the most part. John and I did a townie ride to get brunch and run errands, but nothing too hard or too far.

Later on Sunday we met our RAGBRAI friends to bowl. It had been forever since we all got to hang out together,  and it turns out that we're all still weird and probably drink too much. Hmmmm. I lvoe consistency.

John and I stayed out at least until 8. He had to work on MLK Day, but I didn't. At one point, we were talking about getting up at 5 am to swim, but I still wasn't feeling that well, and I decided it was more important for me to sleep in.

I did try to run my 6 mile route. I thought if I went slow it would be okay, but I was sadly mistaken. I went really slow, and I still couldn't run more than about 5 miles without stopping and being tired out the rest of the day. So, I spent the rest of the day reading White Fang, getting a few things done around the house, and giving the cats some love.

When John got home we had dinner, a cocktail and fun conversations like this:

Me: I love your brain, your sense of humor and your a$$.

John: That's funny, because you're only touching my a$$...

Me: Well, I can't really cup your sense of humor now, can I?

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