Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hold Tight. Wait 'Til The Party's Over.

Coadster all ready to go down to the hotel bar last night. Comfy.                                                                       

This is my first attempt at partial phone blogging. I'm grabbing the photos off of my phone and then finish the post from John's laptop. Obviously, it's awkward going so far. I put the photos up in the opposite chronological order, but oh well. You all are smart people. You can figure it out. Right.

Bricktown in Oklahoma City had great bars and restaurants.

We drove about 9.5 hours from Iowa City, to Des Moines to pick up Coadster and then a stop for lunch in Wichita, Kansas.
Our first drink of the night. I had so many more of these drinks that I was hung-over pretty much all day today. oops!
At one point, we were at a gas station in the middle of nowhere in Kansas and ran into some other cyclocross racers we knew from Iowa City. What are the odds?
Bricktown's bars and restaurants were built all along this little waterway thingy.

We hit Oklahoma City around 4. It was pretty cool and windy. Coadster wanted to check out the Oklahoma City Memorial there. My choice was the Cowboy Museum, so it was good thing my much more mature than me daughter was along to guide us away from the kitsch.

Our hotel was on Flaming Lips Alley. Groovy!
The Memorial was very well done. and respectful and intense. We didn't go inside to the museum, because it was $12 a pop and the outdoor stuff was super amazing and free.

Apparently, Mickey Mantle is from OK City? Or maybe he played there? Or drove through it once?
After the memorial, we drove to our hotel in Brick town. I really had no idea Ok City was so cool. Sadly, we skipped the Party Circus bar, but we ate and drank our way through many of the establishments. It was a fun night...No matter how much I suffered from it today.

These next two photos were of the 9:01 and9:03 bookends. It is forever 9:02 at that site.
John got us a great hotel. John and I had our own room and Coadster got the living room pull-out couch. We were all pretty happy.

The smaller chairs represented the kids who died in the bombing. Coadster pointed out that those kids would be her age today.

They left the chainlink fence up where people left things for the victims.
We ended up eating at a cajun restaurant and it was really good. We headed back to the hotel room after that, to get our suits on, so we could have one more drink there before we went down to sit in the jacuzzi.

Our car all packed up and ready to head to Texas.
When we got to the bar, Coadster got carded and the bartender got super excited when he saw her driver's license. Turns out, he was originally from Des Moines and wanted to talk about ISU football with us and where we were from. He was pretty damn cute.

Bailey didn't want us to leave without her.
So, I started out today with a hangover. So what? It was totally worth it.

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