Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Time Don't Matter to Me.

I may not have time to finish writing this post this morning. I'm headed off to do my first CX "race"at Nats soon. It's called the noncompetitive race, which is the perfect title for me, since I have been injured for the last couple of months on and off and am VERY noncompetitive.

Yesterday I got to run with Coadster. She hasn't been running in quite some time and said she hasn't run 3 miles in forever. I told her I would just run at her pace and go as far as she wanted and we could turn around. She did great. She ran up all of the hills, kept a nice reasonable pace and ran about 2.8 miles. I was very proud of her. We also got to see another heron and the crew team practicing.

The views on the trails here are so amazing, it's hard to keep running sometimes.

Our day was as mellow and relaxing as the day before was manic and crazy. We walked to the sculpture garden and hiked around in there.

Damn statues are always photobombing...

They had a lovely path to hike around in and it was nice and serene. Just what we needed after the day before.

From there, we walked to Barton Springs. I thought I'd take a dip, since the temp was in the 50's already, but I though wrong. Too cold. John did try to coax me in, but I wasn't having any of it.

We checked out the cyclocross course and then went to the UT campus and had lunch at Austin pizza where they had a drag bar upstairs. Once a gain, I brought the class, and was kind of a drag...

Coadster wanted to check out the clocktower where the guy killed all of those people in 1966. John said, I suppose I should've known that Coadster would would take us to the sight of a serial killer or mass shooting...

Sooooo, for some reason, they have two huge balls on their campus with a "please do not touch " sign in front of it. Um, once again. I'm the classiest, most mature girl you've ever met. Oh, shut-up. You would have taken the same photo.

The UT campus is gorgeous and all full of beautiful Spanish architecture, and quaint ponds filled with adorable turtles sunning themselves on rocks.

I think we all have a little Iowa guilt right now. It's in the negatives for temps up North and yesterday it got up to 70 degrees in Austin. John thought this Texas snow globe was a bit ironic. Don't worry, though. We'll get ours. On Saturday it's supposed to be freezing rain and sleet, in a town that isn't used to driving in that. Eek!

In the afternoon we went to the bikes store where we registered for our race. There was a very long line, but it went pretty quickly. Then we headed to the race site to pre-ride the course. It was a really fun, tehcnical course, but I am in NOOOO kind of shape for it. I'm just going into these races with an attitude that I'll have fun, and try really, really hard not to be sad if I get last.

In the evening we met a friend of mine, that I didn't know all that well in Iowa City in the 80's, but have gotten to "know" better on FB. She and her husband suggested we meet them at Magnolia Cafe and it was such a nice evening. I had never met her husband before. He is this great poet and they were both so fun to hang out with.

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