Monday, January 26, 2015

Call It Tonight. The Party's Over.

Thanks to Adam H. for the photo.

I was going to post on Friday, but I wasn't feeling well and I thought my post would be even "crankier old lady" than normal, so I refrained. You're welcome. I missed a party I wanted to go to and I couldn't even run.

The good news is, that I got a shit-ton of sleep and felt a lot better the next day. John had asked me to do an almost 15 mile run with him and I really, really wanted to, but I knew I wasn't strong enough. So, he did that and I did a 2.8 mile run to see if I could even finish a couple of miles. I actually COULD do that and it felt pretty damn good. I'm still hoping that this time I won't relapse again.

 Later that evening, we had our RAGBRAI Announcement dance party. It was a lot of fun.I made Mexican food and a super ridiculously cheesy dance playlist. Also, my new dress came in the mail and it was the perfect dance party dress. Happy, happy.

Thanks again Adam H. for the pic.

I got to harass some friends of mine that I haven't seen for a while and the RAGBRAI announcement was pretty good. We'll be going through Coralville, so we'll get to actually sleep in our own beds. Plus, I think John and I can make it to Fort Dodge from our South Dakota vacation and meet the kids on Monday evening. Now, we'll just have to figure out what to do with our car for a few days...

As usual, Archie was the life of the party, but we might have to talk to him about when enough is enough. The beer is all gone, cat. You're drunk. Go to bed.

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