Monday, January 05, 2015

Killed Him a Bear When He Was Only Three.

Today was amazing and we packed so much shit into it, that I almost don't know how to process it all.

One of the egrets we stirred up on our run along the river.
We started the morning with a nice run along the river in Zilker Park and past the downtown area. John and I started running together, then he took off and I kept trying to photograph everything I ran past.

No wonder it took me 17 minutes to run my first mile.

Also, this squirrel gave me so much attitude when I tried to take photos of the egrets just past him on the river. I told him to get over himself, but I doubt he ever will. What an asshole.

I saw this in the park. I was amazed and frightened all at the same time. I might have nightmares.

After our run, we headed to San Antonio. Coadster wanted to see the Alamo, so we went and it was cool and it was free and there were a ton of guns and Bowie knives on display and John and I wondered if Bonham and Bowie, who were the big names in the battle were the forefathers of rock bands in the 60's and 70's.

Coadster. Coadster Crockett. Queen of the wild frontier.

John isn't great at following directions.

I love cut-outs more than life itself. We wandered around the River walk and John told me to give him my camera, so he could take a photo of us. I love him so damn much.

I thought that hotel thing made a cool backdrop for a photo of us.

we wandered around until we found this cool, old church, and then headed back to our car. I wanted to check out some murals, but I didn't know where to find them in San Antonio. I'll make someone tell me where there are some in Austin and check those out instead.

We headed back to Austi nand had enough time to get in some holes of miniature golf at Peter Pan before we met our teammates for dinner. I loved it.

Coadster and John are way more competitive than me and were much into gloating over their holes in ones.

Very competitive.

They made fun of me for taking too many photos, but then look what happened when we ran into the T-Rex.


We weren't really sure why they made Tinker Bell an ugly drag queen, but John had fun with it anyway.

This one was for Stinky, who is terrified of clowns. I'm sure she was thrilled that we were thinking of her, right?


A said...

The grafetti is just three blocks north of book people one block west off lar behind whole earth provisions and near x Tejas is Swedish hill a must do. Also after your next hike and bike run around " ladybird lake". Be sure to hit magnolia grill. Great and suel and I used to at 4:00 am when he couldn't sleep as a baby I love that part of austin so glad you are there! A

Churlita said...

Thanks, A. I will definitely do all of your suggestions and we'll hopefully see you tomorrow. Coadster is so excited. We met Polly M. (Sue's old roommate) and her husband at the Magnolia Cafe last night. The food was amazing.