Monday, January 05, 2015

None of my Exes Live in Texas.

I think I finally got my photos in correct chronological order today. Whew!

Yesterday was another driving day, and I think I mentioned many times yesterday that I was hungover for most of it. John was kind enough to do the driving and I was kind enough not to puke in his car.

We hit Texas around noonish. Here was our initial conversation:

John: Look! They have Texas maps in literature at the rest area.

Me: Who knew they had literature in Texas?

They actually had the nicest rest area I have ever seen. They even had complimentary rocking chairs (they said such nice things about us) in which to view the Texas flag waving at us from outside.

We would be most appreciative if you would kindly not mess with Texas.

WWII monument at the rest area.

Our condo is about a block from Zilker Park - where our Cyclcross race is held and Barton Springs. Perfect.

John and I get the loft room and Coadster gets the couch in the living room. She said she was fine with it as long as she wasn't paying for anything. I would be too.

I don't know anyone with a neon sign in the shape of Iowa their homes, but it must be a thing here.

We weren't all that hungry, or so we thought, but we figured we should just get appetizers somewhere. After a little research, we found a place called Z'Tejas where we went for girly drinks and appetizers. I was smart enough to only have one lovely iced tea mojito, since I learned my lesson from the night before...At least for then next day or two when the memory of the pain fades.

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