Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Bike Race is So Delightful.

Well, I don't have much of a race report from Jingle CX, sadly. I did get to race one day. I don't have any photos of me racing, so you get all the party on the hill pics instead. A much prettier option, really.

The mother of all cowbells.

I woke up on Friday with a light migraine that never left me. I did race that evening, but I was weak and tired. I did the best I could. I will never know how I really did, because one of the officials screwed up and pulled a lot of the women off the course after the 2nd lap. There were 3 big categories in the field and he was trying to get the slower racers off the field, to keep it less confusing, but had an epic fail. He got some of the women ahead of me and all behind me, but he didn't get me and a couple of others. I was feeling so crappy, I really wanted to get pulled. I kept trying to establish eye contact with all of the officials, but no such luck. They gave me 25th place or something out of 42 racers, but I know I was closer to the back of the pack. I am curious to see hwat kind of points I get for that. Hmmmm.

 After the race, John and I went on the hill to watch the other races and drink beer and have a dance party. Everything about that was good, if not a little weird...

Thanks to Burne Sippy for this shot.
 John's ex and her current boyfriend showed up at our house around 9:30. We got them settled and we finally went to bed. I woke up the next morning, and my migraine was even worse. That was it. I had to call it then. I took my meds and figured I'd spend the day watching other people race and hanging out with my friends. Not a bad alternative at all.

John did pretty well on Saturday and said he had a lot more fun racing than he had had the night before. Which is way more important than results, as far as I'm concerned. We watched until the last race of the day, then we went to the store and got stuff to make for dinner. Our guests were fine with staying home and chilling out. Did I mention it was really, really cold and we were all happy just to hang out somewhere warm? We had a nice dinner of pasta, salad and bread and then watched the movie, Nebraska. What a great film. If you haven't watched it  yet, you should.

Another great shot from Burne Sippy.
On Sunday, it was still snowing and my migraine was still raging. Sigh. Another day of not being able to race, but again, I had a great day watching everyone else. Our friend Burne showed up during John's race and by the time John finished and we ordered pizza, Burne offered to buy us beer. What the hell? We drank some most of the day and played around as we watched all the races. We helped tear down the course at the end, and then went home and had pizza with Burne and a couple of other friends who stopped by to eat.

It was a great weekend, but man, was I exhausted after 3 days of hanging outside all day in freezing temps. I was also very socialed out. I love people, but then I need a break to recuperate. I will try to do that the rest of this week.

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