Tuesday, November 04, 2014

She's a Restless Spirit on an Endless Flight.

I have no race report from this weekend. My calf is still too sore to race, but I had the costume all ready and I wanted to wear it. So, I did and now you will have to see too many photos of me all green faced and wicked.

 I wasn't the only one at the race in a costume. In my opinion, everything is better and more fun when people dress up in costumes or wear fun socks or whatever. Like how I strapped my broomstick to my bike? Me too.

I met this adorable puppy at the race. She is an 11 week old Mastiff. You should feel how soft those little wrinkles are on her head. 
Photo Credit, Julie Goodman.

 John told me I didn't need a costume for this. I told him, "Shut-up" because I apparently really don't need a witch costume. Any other time, it is just implied.

After the races, we met our friends, John and Shannon at a place called Eatery A in Des Moines. The food and drinks were lovely and both John and I agreed that Des Moines races are so much better this year, now that we hang out with John and Shannon afterward and then get to hang out with Coadster and her boyfriend and the grand puppy after that. So many good things in one weekend.

Photo Credit, Kim Pierce.

Here is me riding my broomstick bike on the course. Even though I couldn't race, I still had fun riding my bike around. I hope this calf issue heals quickly. I am officially tired of not being able to race during CX season.

John did great this weekend racing. He's been having some back pain, but he said it's been a little better in the last week or so, since he's been doing certain stretches.

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