Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ice Age, Heat Wave. Can't Complain.

 Tuesday was a good day. I took off work a couple of hours early to clean the inside of our house, since we didn't have time this weekend when we did all of those other projects. The UPS guys came and dropped off the fake fireplace we got from Amish Yard. Just in time for the coldest day we've had all Fall. It's a warm and lovely thing, that fake fireplace is.

 I got the stairs to the dormer room primed (the first layer anyway). Those stairs were so disgustingly dirty, that no amount of elbow grease on my part could clean them, so I scrubbed and sanded and then put primer on them. I'll put another coat on in the next week, and then I'll paint the tops of the stairs light gray and the middle part white.

Coadster was coming to have dinner with us on the way to the Quad Cities to see her uncle one last time before he died of cancer. Stinky told me she had to work and couldn't make it, but she and her boyfriend showed up. She traded shifts with someone and didn't tell me. Luckily, I was making nachos and we had plenty to go around. The grand puppy came with Coadster and she was, as usual, very, very excited. Archie was so not amused with Bailey's over excitement and kept hiding on the tops of dressers and the hot water heater, except when he would do a reconnaissance mission to try to eat Bailey's dog food.

It was a hectic but lovely night and it was so nice having a full house and just as nice having peace and quiet after all the "kids" left.

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bill said...

I had no idea you were doing this again. Cool. Mine is still gather internet dust.