Friday, November 21, 2014

Some Get By but Some Get Old.

Thanks, Angy Snoop for taking this.
 Okay. Here it is documented proof that I race Jingle CX last week. The old "photos or it didn't happen" rule still applies in the internets.

Also, because it's Friday, you get cats and house photos. Here are the cats on the screened-in-porch Friday. After a crazy, bitterly cold week, the temps are supposed to get up into the 40's tomorrow. Woo hoo! There might just be some more cat porch settin' happeneing this weekend as well.

John cleaned off the front and top of our fridge last week. Probably because of how humid the air from the crawl space is and that it comes up and makes moisture all over everything we own. Most of the photos on our fridge were starting to get moldy. Some we were able to save, some we weren't. We got rid of all the refrigerator magnets on it, except these great trophies from the Chamois Time local series here in Iowa City. Seriously, the best trophies ever. You should do the race, just for a chance at getting one.

Okay. You all have a wonderful weekend. Don't mind Archie. He'll just be here, hanging out and gutting the chair with his back claws. Awww. What a sweetheart.

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rel said...

We've been having some unseasonably cold issues here in NY also. We, where I'm holed up, missed the snow bomb that hit the buffalo area. My son who lives even closer to Buffalo, (in Niagara Falls, also missed it. Talk about a "band" of weather. It did prevent me from motoring home, farther to the northeast, because the #90 thruway was shut down. It warmed up to 43 here yesterday, so I went for a run. I applaud our biking in frigid temps!