Friday, November 11, 2011

You Float Like a Feather in a Beautiful World

The only smiley one.

Okay. This will be a quick and dirty post...just not all that dirty. Sorry.

I'm a fan of the black and whites.

So, I took Stinky to get her senior pictures taken yesterday afternoon, and we're both pretty happy with the ones we've seen. We went to a friend of a friend's studio and it was soooo much better than the guy we went to for Coadster's. This guy was cool, he worked out of a house and put on an old Radiohead CD during the studio session.

The color ones turned out well too.

Stinky wanted some outdoor shots down by the river, because I had taken some of her and her sister when they were little and there was one sculpture in particular that she wanted to be photographed in. Of course, Iowa in November made for some beautiful, if not very cold shooting locations.

We had to get at least one showing even a little bit of her attitude.

The photographer put a few of them up on his FB site. Most of them, I put on here for you all. next Thursday, Stinky and I will go through the hundreds of photos and pick out a few of our favorites to make into 8 x 10's and wallets. From the looks of things, it could be pretty tough to do that.
This is one of my favorites so far.

In other news...My friend G. is doing much better. She's actually eating and starting to get her short term memory back. She finally went to her own home. She is going to stay at our house from Sunday evening through Monday evening, because there is some construction work scheduled for her house. I can't wait to see her now that she is mostly conscious.


laura b. said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful girl. I can imagine how hard it will be to choose just a few to print!
Glad to hear that G is recovering. Wishing her well.

rel said...

From what I see, I don't think Stinky can take an unflattering photo!
Glad G is recuping.

silly rabbit said...

I am glad to hear that G is doing better!
Your Stinky is so beautiful. She makes even the black and white photos look great.

silly rabbit said...

BTW Did you know killer rants is back?

NoRegrets said...

Wow! She could be a model! And I love the attitude... funny how it's hidden in the other photos.