Wednesday, November 09, 2011

And the Water Rolls Down the Drain. The Water Rolls Down the Drain

Here is a leaning gladiola that I grew in my garden.

So, a quick update on my friend G. She is out of the hospital but still has a looooong road ahead of her.

She is staying at a friend's house. Their house is very large and so she can sleep in a basement room that is completely dark and free from most noises. She is pretty much just sleeping. Her sister is a little worried that she isn't eating much, but I don't really want to eat when I have a migraine, so I can imagine being in that kind of pain can really kill an appetite.

Since we have no idea what to expect with her recovery, we're trying to make decisions about where she will stay and what kind of care she might need. The great thing about Iowa City, is that no matter what G. needs to heal, all of her friends will get together and make sure she gets it.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I think its a common thing to happen when migraines occur..

That is terrible what happened (previous post) Wishes for a speedy recovery for "G" ..

Did they catch the guy..?

silly rabbit said...

Good for G's friends stepping up when she needs them.
Poor thing. I feel so bad for her.
What a rotten thing to have happened.

NoRegrets said...

Traumatic brain injury or concussion? Not sure where on the spectrum she lies. But boy, it's difficult to recover from. I glad she has you all...

laura b. said...

You all are very lucky to have one another to count on. I do hope G recovers fully and quickly.

rel said...

I'm sorry to hear about G! I go away for a few days and look what happens. I do hope she has an uneventful recovery.
Friends and time are great healers.