Thursday, November 03, 2011

I Hear the Crystal Raindrops Fall

Stinky as a Marine (because their uniforms totally look like that. Ahem.) and Slash.

So, Hey. What say we talk about something other than cyclocross today? Okay.

I am finishing that memoir called Falling Through the Earth by Iowa grad Danielle Trussoni. It's pretty good, and next I will read a book by another Iowa grad, Anne Patchett. It's called Bel Canto and it's been on my list for a few years now. I'm pretty excited to start it.

The Guy and I started watching the first season of The Walking Dead series. It has some very real flaws, but it's about zombies so I'm more forgiving.

I tried doing some yoga to a video yesterday for the first time. I figured I'd better get acquainted with some of the poses, before I did it in public at a class. I don't want people to worrying that I'm having a seizure and calling an ambulance for me. It was pretty tricky trying to do some of the movements while following Rodney Lee in the video, but I think it will get easier and easier the more I do it, and it does seem to be a nice contrast with the pounding my body takes while running and jumping on and off of my bike.

Coadster and her BF on Halloween. I think she was supposed to be a 1920's gangster, but had lost her hat by the time this was taken.

...And now, for the good news. Coadster got accepted into a study abroad program in London for 12 days of Spring Break. They don't usually take underclassmen, but this will be the only year she can do it, and her grade point is very high. So, they made an exception. Go Coadster!


NoRegrets said...

why is it the only year she can do it? And what will she do for 10 days? Great for her though!

silly rabbit said...

Ha. I love that Coadster's boyfriend was a "frog". Congratulations to her on qualifying for the exchange program. Hard work does pay off!

I like The Walking Dead too. I've yet to see any zombie stuff that is not somewhat cheezy, but I like the cheese I guess.

Yoga turns me into a pretzel.

Mnmom said...

Bel Canto is fabulous. I just finished her book about a troubled friendship that started in Iowa City. Very interesting.

laura b. said...

Your girls are so fab! Congrats to Coadster...what an opportunity :)

I loved Bel Canto and recently finished The Magician's Assistant by Patchett. I really like her.

Have fun with yoga!

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh...