Monday, November 07, 2011

We Will Find You Acting On Your Best Behavior

Me and The Guy's ex and G. and our friend S., stalking in the background at The Guy's Ex's juried art show.

So, this weekend was weird and took a sharp left turn at the end.

Friday night was fine. We went with some friends to check out a few jewelry pieces The Guy's ex has in a juried art show at one of the galleries. The plan was to pay our respects, and then go out for Thai food and make an early night of it, since I wasn't feeling all that too well. We did all that and it was lovely, but then, as things happen with a group of people, we ended up at the bar. I quickly realized that I was too tired and cranky to be out, and had to go home. Yeah, I know I'm lame, but that should come as a surprise to exactly none of you.

The Guy riding his bike on gravel.

On Saturday, I slept a lot. I woke up feeling a little better and I REALLY wanted to ride my bike. The derailleur on my bike got all screwed up after I tried to ride in mud last weekend, The Guy bought me a new one, fixed my bike and after a week, I was very excited to ride it. We chose to do a gravel ride. We'd never really done one before, and it was pretty cool. It's harder to ride on gravel, but you get to take cool roads out in the country, that are off the beaten path. although it was cold and windy and smelled all over like feedlots, it felt great to be out on the bike in the country.

When we got home, The Guy went out and rode some more, but I was still pretty tired, so I stayed home and started making dinner. I made shrimp fajitas, because they're quick and easy. We basically stayed in and talked and watched a few episodes of the first season of Nurse Jackie. I love that show, but The Guy has never seen it before.

At 1 am, I was awakened by a text from my friend D. asking me to call her. I texted back, unsure if that text was meant for me, and then she called me. She told me she was at the hospital. She was at the Dublin and some jackass decided to do a back flip, off of the stairs in a crowded bar. No one really knew what happened, but apparently, as he was coming down, he kicked our friend G. so hard in the face that he sent her crashing down on the cement floor. After he saw what happened, he took off running. My friend G. was left with a fractured skull, a slight brain bleed, a small nasal fracture, stitches in her mouth and above her nose and a bruised septum. Ouch!

I spent most of the day in the hospital with her. The Guy canceled his race and came with me for a while in the morning, but I think it's kind of hard for him to sit around without being able to do anything to help, and there was no reason for both of us to be there on such a beautiful day, so I told him he should go out and ride his bike. He took off and rode some mountain bike trails and it sounds like he had a great ride. He picked me up from the hospital after my friend Jen came into replace me and took me out for an early dinner. We went home and took a nap.

In the evening, The Guy met his friend Bry to play pool and I was so wiped out, I was happy to hang out at home and watch some of this season's True Blood episodes.

As of now, our friend G. is doing okay. She is in some pain, but there should be no long lasting effects. She is still in the hospital, but will hopefully go home soon. Whew!


silly rabbit said...

First off, it's not lame to know when its time to go home. More people should do that.

Like that guy who did the back flip! If you are crocked enough to not understand that is a bad idea in a public venue... you should not be there. And what a scummy jerk for running away!

Poor G, I am so sorry that happened to her. I hope she heals well and fast.

laura b. said...

Sounds like you needed some downtime this weekend. I'm glad you were able to get it...and still do plenty of the other things you enjoy.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. What a senseless accident. I hope someone tracks down the guy who injured her. I know it wasn't purposeful, but at the VERY least he owes her an apology.

NoRegrets said...

Oh boy... so glad she is ok. Didn't know the Dublin could get that crazy! Glad you could relax in the long run thouugh.

NoRegrets said...

And it's odd but not that you went to her show. Glad you can get along.

SkylersDad said...

So sorry that G got whacked so hard. I hope that she is OK.