Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'll Be Here All the Time...I Can Never Quit

Here is a mini disco ball on a table full of abandoned cups.

So, I went to Coadster's cross country meet today. I know it makes me a dork, but it got me all excited about racing. Her team is huge and great and really supportive of each other. Before the race started, all 70 girls got in a big circle to help each other gear up. One of the moms and I double dog dared her husband to get in the middle of the circle and do the worm or break dance. He said he didn't think it would be worth the therapy bills he'd need to pay for his daughter. I guess he had a point.

My friend G., the activities director and my link to society will be out of town this weekend. She's always great about getting me out of my house and makes plans every Saturday. She's really good for me that way. As I've said before, most of my interests are pretty solitary endeavors and I do need my alone time, but when I don't make myself socialize, I live in my scary brain too much and it makes me even weirder. Who even knew that was possible? Right now, I don't have any social plans for this weekend. If someone calls or texts me and asks me to do something, I'll definitely consider it. I just haven't actively sought anything out is all.

I think I'll use this weekend to regroup and take care of my house, both literally and in that literary gothic sense where it represents my psyche. Which is just a fancy way of saying I'll be cleaning and working on my shit. Coadster is babysitting for my blogging buddy at Creekside Review on Friday night. Stinky and I will have some alone time together, but we haven't figured out exactly what we'll do with it yet.

I'll have to wake up early on Saturday morning to get Stinky to her job and Coadster to cross country practice. Then I'm going to try to ride a hilly route some of my cyclist friends told me about. It should be really pretty this time of year too. I need to be back to get Coadster from cross country practice to the same job where Stinky will be working. Then later in the afternoon, I'll do my 6 mile run.

Saturday night is an open slate. I'll let you know what I do with it. Finally, on Sunday I plan on doing my first lap swim. I will definitely start out very slowly and work on increasing my distance throughout the Winter.

And what of you, good blog readers? What are your weekend plans? Will you be charging into the middle of a group and break dancing, or taking baby steps before you start really going the distance?


Remiman said...

It'll be a wind down and start of moving home from the cottage.

Tara said...

I like that photo - the colorful cups on a clear glass table. And the disco ball just seals the deal.

My couch arrives today! I also get to leave early from work and then my mom and I are going out to eat. The weekend might involve seeing "Julie and Julia" again but the rest will involve playing with my new cable service and spending quality time on the internet.

Have a fun weekend!

thisnewplace said...

I'll be piano bar-ing and sleeping naked this weekend since the girls are going to be with their dad. :)

NoRegrets said...

Visiting Cutiepie's mom and helping out and meeting the new baby.

Susan said...

We're going to a lodge to spend a romantic day together (his words) and fly fish (mine). :)

booda baby said...

I'm always just a little tilted when I hear about weekend plans since our days just don't work that way. We only got back from Point Reyes yesterday and now it's back to work. :) Although, Bo and Pieta are playing at the Lobero this Saturday and a musician pal scored us free tix so it looks like FINALLY, we might actually join normal people and do something on the weekend. Wheee.

Ananda girl said...

I'm going to diner with a friend who was recently surprised dumped by her husband for a way younger gal. Then I'm off to Larry's after a very busy and crazy week.

Good for you... take it easy. I have not addressed my house in over a week and a half and it is phew! in dire need. I'll do that when I get back Sunday evening.

laura b. said...

I used to love going to my oldest son's Cross Country and Track meets. They were really my favorite sports to hang out at.

Somehow I predict that you will not be sitting at home on Saturday night :-)

I am hoping for a weekend much like last weekend...time for DR, for the kids, for me. But who knows?

Mnmom said...

I'm packing, and kind of looking at it as a metaphor for my mind too - "why do I need all this crap?"