Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Dignified Don't Even Enter In the Game

Here is the tippy top of a teepee.

Well, kids. This week has officially wiped me out...For many reasons. Some of it was just not having any time anymore. I got so spoiled over the Summer. But now we're back to me running the minute I get home from work, then taking off to Coadster's time trials or to pick someone up from weight lifting or dropping them off for some student ambassador activity or choir practice...It's never ending. Anyway, I'm tired and this post should be short, but not necessarily all that sweet.

On the positive side, I got out of working the football game tomorrow night. I plan on giving my perfect nerd girl evening another try. Of course, I have to get up at 6 am on Saturday to get Coadster to a bus at 6:15 that will take her to her first cross country meet. Then take Stinky across town to work hawking Hawkeye paraphernalia at the college football game. So, my nerd girl evening will have to end much earlier than I'd like, but if I'm this tired tomorrow night, I'll probably fall asleep reading by 7 pm anyway.

Okay, you know the drill. Let me know your three day weekend plans. Will you finally catch up on sleep or will you continue the frantic pace of the work week?


Remiman said...

It's "welcome back to work" oh btw, you're on call for the holiday weekend.
Jumpng back into the groove with both feet.

AlienCG said...

I'm going to my neighbor's daughter's birthday party on Sunday and my parents' on Monday. That's all. I'll probably fall asleep by 7pm tonight.

Pamela said...

I'll do shit around/on my house. Despite the fact that it'll be a beautiful weekend and perfect for climbing. I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself.

dmarks said...

So, how did you get into the tipi?

laura b. said...

Saturday is a workin' day, but with the Monday holiday I still get an actual weekend. Yay!
I hope your nerd girl evening is perfect :-)

booda baby said...

Three days?! God, I'm glad I got back to blogging or I'd never know ANYTHING.

THIS year, I'm voting really hard for you telling some other parent to do their share of chauffeuring. Jeeze. Do they not know you need to rest up to tell us more tales?

dmarks said...

How about, Churlita? Want the Saturday Scavenger Hunt tag?