Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Don't Know Where I'm Running Now, I'm Just Running On

Here I am next to a gigantic foam finger. It's part of a promo we're doing to get students involved in campus activities. I'm not sure who thought seeing a guy walking around campus dressed like this would be motivating, just know it wasn't me.

So, kids. This weekend turned out differently than I had planned. Coadster babysat for Mr Creekside Review and his wife on Friday night. Their son is adorable and sweet and Coadster loves hanging out with him. She said he was quoting Kung Fu Panda all night and that just happens to be one of her favorite movies too. It sounds like she had a great night.

Stinky asked if I'd take her Homecoming dress shopping, so I did. She didn't find anything she really liked, and I was too tired to keep going, so we went home and started watching Quarantine. As I've said before, I do like a good zombie movie. Too bad Quarantine wasn't one of them. I hate it when the plot is driven by people being stupid. I couldn't even finish it, I was so annoyed with it. Stinky had already seen it, was exhausted and had to get up early the next morning, so we were both fine with turning it off.

Saturday was a very active day for me. I went for a long bike ride on Saturday morning and my 6 mile run in the afternoon. I swear, if I didn't have to work an office job, I'd start every morning off with an hour or two long bike ride. It felt so great.

Around 7:30, my friend D. called me to say that she and our friend E. had just been hanging out at the Magic Bus during the game, were heading down to the Dublin and wanted to know if I would join them. Ah, what the hell. I waited for Stinky to get off work, and then dropped her off at her friend's house and headed down. I'm glad I did, since there were a lot of people I knew there. Of course, by the time I got there, E. was already heading home with her husband, but D. was there for the duration. A little before midnight, I got a call from a friend of mine asking me where I was. She was having boy troubles and wanted to know if she could come down and talk to me about it.

I really don't think I'm the best person to talk to about that, since I haven't been in any kind of relationship in forever. It just seems like in most of those situations, people really need to vent, and I'm good at lending a supportive ear. At one point, she asked me what I thought she should do. Basically, I just told her to be honest and open about how she felt and what she wanted and let him know what was bugging her, without making him feel like he was being attacked. That's about all the advice I have. Wouldn't it be great if everyone was just open and honest and let people know what they wanted as diplomatically as possible? How refreshing would that be? (and I'm not just talking about relationships. It would be really great at work too) I suppose the tough part with that is everyone figuring out what they want and not changing their minds.

Where was I again? Oh yeah. Saturday night. Anyway, I tried to help as much as possible, but I was really tired. Luckily, that particular friend only lives a block away from me, so we were able to continue our conversation while we walked home together.

I woke up early on Sunday and felt okay. I had a migraine on and off since Friday afternoon. So, I thought I might finally be in the clear. A friend suggested I check out the local triathlon to see how it all worked. I headed over there and he was so right. It was really cool to see it in action. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so you don't get to see the guy who competed in a kilt or the other unregistered guy who snuck in to run the 5 k in jean cut-offs. Sorry. (or maybe I should say, you're welcome) Before I left, my migraine had come back full force, so I wasn't able to swim laps today. Darn.

Tri training this week:

32 miles run.

22 miles biked.

0 laps swum. (is that right? swum? swam?)

I realize that I still haven't done any swiming yet. I'm planning on working that in more when the weather is bad and I can't run or bike outside as easily.


laura b. said...

Sounds like another classic Churlita weekend for the books :-)
I think you are right, too...people really just want someone to hear what they're saying, when they are really down or really up. Your friends are lucky to have you.

Ananda girl said...

I would love it if people would be honest like that AND diplomatic. I do not understand why so many people now don't get that you can be diplomatic and still honest and it is so much more productive than beating someone over the head with your honest opinion. Great advice if you ask me.

Ananda girl said...

Oh... and I got a real kick out of the foam finger guy. hee hee

Remiman said...

Sounds like your training is coming along just fine.

Tara said...

We don't have any giant, foam fingers at our school, I'm jealous. That might at least get the pulses going on school mornings. One teacher did bring in a gigantic, stuffed tarantula last week. It was a little startling to see that coming around the corner. Not sure how that was supposed to motivate, though.

booda baby said...

That's one of my favorite phenomenons! Watching a marathon, for instance, makes me feel like I ran it!! Way easier than actually doing it/training for it and almost the same amount of fun. :)

The foam finger as motivation - yah, for runaway ridicule. (I probably know too many Iowa people. We're not as easy as they think.)

Brando said...

I love that picture. Although there should also be a middle finger version.

I hope Zombieland delivers the goods. I needs me some funny zombie action.

AlienCG said...

A giant foam finger would do nothing to get me involved.

You're a good friend for letting your vent to you. Good job on the triathlon training.

Johnny Yen said...

I can't tell you how much I admire that you stick to a running schedule. I was pretty good about it when I was younger, but have never been able to keep up with it since my little adventure on a motorcycle in my late twenties. I'd like to think that my working as a waiter and keeping up with two teenaged kids is somewhat of a substitute.

I feel the same way about people asking for advice in relationships. Usually the answer is one of two things; talk to the person about it or break up with the person.

RE the giant finger-- the world is filled with middle managers struggling to find a good idea. Usually they don't.

booda baby said...

Johnny Yne: RE the giant finger-- the world is filled with middle managers struggling to find a good idea. Usually they don't.

Very funny. And true. So not so funny. But even that's kind of funny. Anyway you look at it: Good line!!

thisnewplace said...

i feel very lazy when I read your posts sometimes

MrManuel said...

We saw Quarantine last night and LOVED it! Too bad.

I think it would be awesome to do a triathlon. I think I would fall off the bike and drown so I don't think I am good candidate.

Churlita said...


Thanks. If all those years of bartending taught me one thing, it was how to listen.


Exactly. There's no reason to be brutal with your honesty. You can get your point across without hurting people's feelings.


I have quite a while, but I also have a lot to learn.


Me either. I'd also be curious to know how much they spent on that thing.

Booda Baby,

After I actually do a triathlon, I'll let you know which is better - watching or doing.


The foam middle finger is a language most college kids can understand.

Alien CG,

I'm sure I've vented to her before...Albeit a long time ago. It was probably her turn.

Johnny Yen,

It sounds like you're getting quite a work-out without running.


Yeah, but you have a relationship, so you don't have all the extra energy I do that needs to be directed in a healthy way. so, you win.


I thought it started too slowly and that there were some things about that weren't very believable. I'm sure I'm just too picky in general.