Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everybody All Around Me. Shakin' Hands and Sayin' Howdy

Here are some people at the beach. A place where I'd like to be right now.

So, you know how I'm kind of socially retarded, right? Well, today it seemed like everyone else was even weirder than me. I was in an alternate universe, where I was the normal person...Okay, I won't go that far, but there were people walking around the planet who made me look almost normal.

The minute I stepped on campus, I realized the Gideon bible guys were out in full force. They are generally nice, polite, older gentleman in suits. I've worked at this particular institute of higher learning for many, many years, so I know the drill. I take the first little green book offered me, and wave it at all the other guys trying to give me the same thing.

When I got up to my building, I noticed a guy standing in front, looking toward the sky. At first I thought he might be looking for the hawk that used to fly around the museum across the street, but he was looking past it. I approached two other women who work in my building and asked, "So, is that guy just trying to see how many people he can make look up this morning?"

"No. Margaret said she asked him what he was doing and he told her he was looking for the moon so he could see Jupiter. If he wanted to see all that, you'd think he would have started a little earlier...Like before sunrise," one of my co-workers replied

* * *

I think I've told you that after lunch I walk across the street with a little red shopping basket to pick-up all of our afternoon computer print-outs. Well, today I noticed a car politely waiting for me to cross the street. I didn't pay much attention to it, until the driver yelled out the window, "City High cross country! Wooooo!" I looked up and realized the guy was my friend and co-worker T-Rip's boyfriend and he was referring to my Facebook status update. Then I remembered that I saw a Facebook reminder for him too.

"Hey! Happy birthday, M!" I said. As I walked into the other building, I wondered if we would have said anything to each other besides hi, if Facebook didn't exist.

* * *

Finally. Today when I was running, two. Count 'em, two different guys I didn't know held up their hands so we could high-five each other as we passed. What the hell is that? I'm all for waving and saying hi, to fellow runners, but I have no desire whatsoever to slap their sweaty palms against mine. You know? I'd like to issue a no contact order between me and passing runners I don't know from here on out.

Soooo, how was your day?


Ananda girl said...

Mine was bizarre! Is it something in the air?

Remiman said...

I smiled at everyone I met, and they all smiled back.
It was a good day.

AlienCG said...

Mine was normal, drove to Marblehead, had a fun day, turned a dead gull into a cartoon character. You know, the usual.

Your Humble Proprietor said...

It was OK. I bought some pants.

NoRegrets said...

Hey, I like the hi-fiving. Of course, that's in theory.

I got all woozyweird from change in medication/period/workout.

Tara said...

I really try to stay away from the high-fives altogether, but it depends on who's giving them up. If it's a friend of mine, fine. But if it's my former manager, no. I can see how sweaty high-fives would be off limits too.

So far my day is fine - hopefully today is the day my cable, phone and internet get all hooked up!

laura b. said...

haha! I hope the moon guy finally got his glimpse of Jupiter...even if it was only imaginary.

I think high fiving is fun, but I'm kind of goofy like that.

And hey! My word verification is "bearai". Awesome.

Poptart said...

I went running at a track tonight where there are hot soccer/frisbee guys everywhere and I wish they hi-fived me as I ran past! The runner guys all look like robots and would never hi-five, but the soccer guys ... totally hot and totally hi-fiveable.