Friday, August 21, 2015

There Was a Day When I Just Had to Tell My Point of View.

I've been working on all of the videos I took from my Garmin bike camera while we were on vacation. This is a photo I made of some of the video I shot in the Badlands. I still have miles of video to go through before I sleep...

 This hasn't been the best week for me. I'm a Summer girl and this is really the last week of Summer in my world. The university and most of the public schools in our area start up on Monday.

Living in a college town means that your Summers are mellow and lovely, but then about 20,000 people, most under the age of 25, enter your town in one week and walk in packs and take up the sidewalk and text on their phones while walking out into traffic in the middle of the street without looking and drink every night, leaving puke piles on the downtown streets and drive like idiots. I do understand that those people help pay my salary and I am a grouchy, curmudgeonly, old lady, but I think I'm still allowed to be cranky about it for the first week of every semester.

The good news for me, is that I now own a home away from the downtown and university area. It's a nice little sanctuary away from the new student in town chaos.

If I hadn't used up all of my vacation time having wonderful adventures in July, I would love to take next week off, stay at home and read books, ride bikes, run, paint and draw and make tons of pesto sauce with the basil in my garden...

Instead, I'll have to use my breaks and lunches at work to hide in the secret garden behind my building and read books...And play mountain bikes tonight after work. Apparently, transitions are not my strong suit.

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