Monday, August 31, 2015

Looking From a Window Above, It's Like a Story of Love.

We had a weekend of domesticity. We had a tough race to do on Sunday, so we had to lay-off the running and riding.  Since we'll be racing almost every weekend until December, it was probably a very good thing.

Friday night, I made one of my favorite meals for Coadster, John and myself - garlic butter salmon, baked potatoes and honey sriracha brussel sprouts. We also started watching "Interstellar" but started falling asleep, so had to finish in on Saturday night.

On Saturday, I thought I  might try and do a quick easy run, but when I woke-up, it was raining, so I said screw it and went back to bed. I needed the sleep.

When I finally did get up, I read on the porch and rank some tea to ease me into my day. Then I went to town, cleaning my living room from top to bottom, and sweeping up enough cat hair to make 5 new kittens in the process (EW!). I do love it when my house is all clean and cozy. It makes me not want to leave, even more than I already do.

I also got some seasonal stuff done, like making 4 batches of pesto sauce to freeze and have over Winter. I also made another vat of salsa, to have with the enchiladas and rice and beans we were having for dinner.

What was John doing during my flurry of work in the house, you ask? He was out in the garage, making it safe for trainer work-outs. He took our almost 20 bicycles and hung many of them from the ceiling, along with many of our different kinds of wheels. I can actually maneuver the lawnmower out of there now. Yipee!

I did spend some time playing the garden this weekend too.

I used to mow down or tear out these chives that kept trying to take over my garden, until I realized what a draw they were to the bees and butterflies. Now, I let them have the run of the place.

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